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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Hyuuga Clan/Byakugan Rules

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PostSubject: Hyuuga Clan/Byakugan Rules   Hyuuga Clan/Byakugan Rules EmptySun Jan 01, 2012 10:40 pm

Hyuuga Clan:
The only way to learn any of the Hyuuga clans jutsus is to be apart of the clan itself. Once you are part of the clan you Automatically gain the fighting style: Gentle Fist.

*Note* There is only two permitted per month; so it is first come first served. Must be a complete and ready app to get the spot.


First Ability:
Near 360 degree field of vision, except for a single blind spot at the back of the neck above the third thoracic vertebra.

Second Ability:
The ability to see through solid objects and can use telescopic sight to a certain degree. The distance and degree of the telescopic sight varies from character to character, naturally the Byakugan has a range of 50 meters, but Your character can train for it to be improved. Your character automatically gets the natural range of vision of 50 meters. Your character can train your vision to reach even further by doing 200 words of training for another 100 meters of vision. First time training it though you only get 50 extra meters.

50 Meters : Automatic
100 Meters : 200 Word Count
200 Meters : 200 Word Count
300 Meters : 200 Word Count
Etc. Etc.

*note* Your training must actually relate to how you increased your eye sight.

Third Ability:
The last ability and considered to be one of the Byakugans greatest uses is its ability to see chakra, chakra flow as well as the chakra circulation system inside the body with great detail. It is because of this ability that the Hyuuga Clan is able to use their ultimate attack style: the Gentle Fist.

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Hyuuga Clan/Byakugan Rules
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