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 Yuki Clan/Ice Release Rules

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PostSubject: Yuki Clan/Ice Release Rules   Yuki Clan/Ice Release Rules EmptyTue Apr 10, 2012 3:06 pm

Yuki Clan:
The Yuki clan had lived in the Land of Water, some time ago. During one of the Shinobi wars ninja of which possessed special Kekkei Genkai’s were used to fight giving each side some form of the upper hand. Now once the war had ended most Shinobi’s with these Kekkei Genkai’s were prosecuted and killed on the spot with out trail. Because of this, the Yuki clan, whose members carried the Ice Release Kekkei Genkai, went into hiding.
After many generations the clan rose back up in the Land of Water were it would be most affiliated with these people and in which the village of Kirigakure came to welcome them and the great power of their Kekkei Genkai. Now very few came to pose this Kekkei Genkai in the clan, but the ones that did became highly powerful Shinobi.

Yuki Clan Traits:
Now not all the members of this clan gain ability to create ice out of water and wind, but the ones not having that ability learned over the years how to manipulate already existing ice making them very formidable foes on such terrains.

Ice Release:
Ice Release is the advanced nature Kekkei Genkai of the Yuki clan, and allowed the users to combine wind and water based chakra to create ice in which would allow the user to manipulate it through mere willpower alone.

With Kekkei Genkai:
Now the ice created by wielders of the Kekkei Genkai was greatly immune to fire based attacks, only lightly melting when coming into contact with flames. Having nearby water is a great advantage for the fact instead of creating water and freezing it out of thin air user of the Kekkei Genkai can just use and freeze the surrounding water.
*Note* There is only one permitted per month; so it is first come first served. Must be a complete and ready app to get the spot.

Without Kekkei Genkai:
Now some members of the clan learned to manipulate already existing ice since they did not gain the Kekkei Genkai abilities granted to them through their bloodline. Now using already existing and manipulated ice does not have the same properties as having the bloodline and creating the ice. For instance ice manipulated in this way melts at a normal pace and is affected by fire-based techniques as though it was merely water. As well as manipulating ice the clan members are able to manipulate snow using it to their advantage.

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Yuki Clan/Ice Release Rules
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