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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Nara Clan/Shadow Manipulation

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PostSubject: Nara Clan/Shadow Manipulation   Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:15 pm

Nara Clan:
The Nara clan also known as the Nara family is known for their intelligence, manipulation of shadows, and tending of deer such as Rikumaru, which graze in a large area of the Nara clan forest. This clan is known to reside in the Hidden Leaf Village, Konohagakure.

Nara Clan Traits:
Now most Nara members are well known for their high intelligence and their abilities to utilize shadow manipulation jutsus.

Shadow Manipulation:
Being in this clan gives you access to learn Shadow manipulation as well as higher amplitude for learning. This means members of this clan gains a plus five to their intelligence at all times.
*Note* You must request to a "SoS Admin" to be placed into this clan at time of Shinobi Registration. There is only one permitted per month; so it is first come first served. Must be a complete and ready app to get the spot.

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Nara Clan/Shadow Manipulation
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