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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Shikago Nara (Main)

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Character Info
Character's Name: Shikago Nara
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Shikago is 5’8” weighing 150 lbs. His eyes are black, and his relatively long hair—reaching slightly lower than his neck or collarbone—is navy blue, appearing black in most light. He has a very slender body type with a V-shaped torso coming in at the waist. He wears a fishnet, short-sleeved shirt under an olive drab, cargo vest that has several pockets and compartments for items he may choose to carry. He has two simple, silver earrings in his earlobes as well. He wears boots that match his vest, and his black jeans are tucked into them tightly.
* Height: 5'8"
* Weight: 150 lbs
* Eyes: Black
* Hair: Navy Blue
* Body Type: Slender
Shikago is a sarcastic smartass and a wise crack. Despite the fact that he has an inappropriate joke for every occasion, though, the emphasis for those descriptions is on “smart” and “wise”. He is a mentalist who takes a strategic approach to everything he does. He is meticulous in his thought processes and often over-thinks things. He is a mild connoisseur of trivia and values knowledge above all. With regard to loyalty, he is very trustworthy and dedicated to his village; however, the one thing that could ever lead him to betray his village would be the pursuit of knowledge. Other than that, he cannot likely be bribed in any other way.

Nindo: “Never be a moron!” That’s Shikago’s ninja way. He vows this with as much fervency as Naruto vows to never give up. He hates finding that he made a less than intelligent move in combat or was outsmarted, so he has made it his Nindo to avoid such things.

Extra Info: His nickname is “Illinois”. No one knows why or what this even references.

The Shinobi
Origin: Shikago is from a nicer suburban area of the Hidden Leaf Village. He attended a private school for his academy training, and his family has afforded him much. It has made him a bit of an insensitive brat.
Ninja Rank: Genin
Hidden Village: Konohagakure no Sato (Hidden Leaf Village, Fire Country)
Clan: Nara Clan
Kekkei Genkai: N/A
Elemental Affinity: Katon (Fire Release)

The Background
Shikago was born to two affluent parents in a traditionally prosperous family of the Nara Clan. His father is a carpenter and his mother was a kunoichi of the village. Being at Jounin rank, his mother was pretty important as a ninja and was, therefore, called into active duty before her maternity leave was over due to a national emergency of alert level “yellow”. A mission was quickly issued wherein she died in combat while Shikago was still an infant. As a result, Shikago grew up without a mother, raised by his father. He was enrolled in private academy and quickly assumed the role of “class clown”. He rarely took things seriously until encountering a teacher with “alternative” disciplinary methods.

The teacher for Shikago’s Taijutsu class was a very intolerant woman, and she would have none of his shenanigans. The young Nara’s tomfoolery got him into worlds of trouble as she consistently exacted corporal punishment upon him for his recurring infractions. She was especially hard on him because she felt he had potential that he was not accessing, so it came to pass that she was responsible for a very important character trait in Shikago. He developed the inclination to take things much more seriously whenever threatened. This allowed him to pass the Taijutsu class with a much higher grade than he would have otherwise; although, Taijutsu is still not his strong suit because he loathes it so.

Shikago was also influenced by his father’s carpentry. He learned how to craft things with wood, and he became handy with tools. This influence led him toward a predisposition toward puppetry as a field of choice with regard to weaponry. His school provided an excellent Bukijutsu (use of ninja weaponry) program, and for those who were interested, there was an emphasis on Kugutsu (the art of puppetry). Learning more about the usefulness of puppets as weapons, Shikago was further intrigued and decided that the plethora of strategic options available to puppet users in combat was too excellent to neglect. He immediately appealed to his father to craft for him a puppet with impressive weaponry.

There was also the matter of the Nara Clan’s Hiden techniques. Hiden jutsu are essentially techniques that belong exclusively to specific clans but do not require any particular Kekkei Genkai to perform. The Nara Clan’s shadow abilities are of this category of techniques, and Shikago began learning them after graduating from the academy, and the other thing into which he delved was the fine art of Genjutsu. Indeed, Shikago was a strategist, and he sought to develop a skill set composite of odd combinations. With the honed skills of puppetry, clan techniques, and illusory deception, Shikago was ready for the Chuunin Exams.

Ironically, Shikago found that he was nowhere near as prepared for the exams as he had originally thought. The exams were incredibly intense, and they frightened his teammates to the point of refusing to try again afterward, leaving him with no team after his first year. As such, Shikago has one failure under his belt already, which consistently irks him, but he has decided to give it all another shot.

Skills and Abilities
Advanced Skills:
* Ninjutsu: 1
* Genjutsu: 2
* Taijutsu:
* Kenjutsu:
* Weapons Master:
* Puppetry: 2
* Fuuinjutsu:
* Ijutsu:

Unique Abilities:
* Major: Smarty Pants: +5 Intelligence free.
* Major: Father Joseph: His dad’s a carpenter, so he gets materials at half price from the shop IF they are used in the construction of his puppet.
* Major: Hands Like Calvin Johnson: One-handed hand signs (Free Major)
* Minor: Nara Clansman: Has knowledge of Nara Clan techniques and can train to use them. (Free Minor)
* Major: Shirt, No Tai: -5 Constitution against Taijutsu of actual Taijutsu users.
* Minor: Mild Fumaphobia: Can’t touch Fuma Shuriken without collapsing in fear, and dodging/distancing himself from them always takes priority over whatever else is taking place.
* Minor: No Swords: For some reason, Shikago can’t transfer his dexterity to swords when he wants to do so; instead, he is less skilled with them as though his fingers aren’t as nimble. -2 Dex with swords.

* Strength: 3
* Constitution: 4
* Stamina: 4
* Dexterity: 6
* Speed: 4
* Intelligence: 8
* Wisdom: 5
* Charisma: 6

Role-play Sample:Derp. Razz
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Looks good really good to me.
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Shikago Nara (Main)
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