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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Money Guidelines

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PostSubject: Money Guidelines   Money Guidelines EmptySun Jan 29, 2012 3:43 pm

The Currency of this site is Ryo; the Japanese currency seen in the Naruto anime and manga as well as being an old coin once used in Japan. Ryo is used in nearly all dealings, from NPC interactions such as the item shop to PC deals. Each character most keep good track of their own money and how much they can buy. With people not being honest will through off the system and begin to be unfair and this offense is punishable.

When first creating your character your character gets 15,000 Ryo to spend on what they may want at the start.

There is Two common ways to obtain money on this site.

The first way is by doing Missions
Missions are and should be the primary of income for any shinobi. Missions Range from D to S Ranked. The more difficult it is the more money you can earn.

The second way is by gaining money from other characters.
There is two was to do this, one way is for another character to willing give you the money as a loan or possibly a gift not expecting anything in exchange.

The other way is buy stealing the money from another character which is very difficult.

• One way is by Killing another character and taking the money they have on them. Now this way is cruel and irrational and when doing this you can only take 10% of the money the character had on them at the time of death.

• The other way to do this is more skillful, this is called pickpocketing.

How to judge your characters Dexterity when involving pickpocketing:
  • Less than 50% difference means no clear advantage. Your character does not have the skill to steal anything from the other character. For example: Person A has 5 Dexterity, Person B has a Dexterity of 7. Your characters is not skilled enough to steal anything and places himself at risk of being caught.
  • From 50 to 75% Difference means there is some what of an advantage. you are able to at least able to steal something from that person, but still run the risk of being caught. The person you are stealing from gain 10% of the Ryo they have on them. For example; Person A has 5 Dexterity, Person B has a Dexterity of 8. Person A is unaware that they lost a small amount of their money, Person B gains 10% of the gold from the other character.
  • At 75 to 100% difference mean there is an obvious difference in the characters skills. It is very difficult to caught at this point. For example, Person A has 5 Dexterity, Person B has a Dexterity of 10. Person B's skills are great for pickpocketing and is unable to be noticed when stealing money and gains 50% of the money held on the person at that time.
  • Over 100% your character is a master at pickpocketing and is able to steal nearly all your money from you with out you even noticing. For example; Person A has 5 Dexterity, Person B has a Dexterity of 15. It is clear you are over shadowed by this persons skills and you gain 75% of the money carried on that person at that time with out even being noticed.

*Note* If you have a fraction amount when calculating how much money you will get from either of these ways always round down.

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Money Guidelines
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