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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Jutsu Training Guidelines

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PostSubject: Jutsu Training Guidelines   Jutsu Training Guidelines EmptySun Dec 25, 2011 8:33 pm

For your character to learn jutsus, your character must go through the required training for each one. Make sure to take note that you need your wisdom high enough to know a jutsu to learn it, if not then you are unable to learn the jutsu unless another character teaches it to you or you gain permission to learn from a NPC which doing it that way the word count is triple; must request permission to do this from a "SoS Admin". This is done by a word count system which each jutsu has a specific word count according to its rank as shown below.
Word Count:
    E-Rank: 50
    D-Rank: 100 words
    C-Rank: 200 words
    B-Rank: 400 words
    A-Rank: 700 words
    S-Rank: 1100 words
*Note* This is the word count for each jutsu unless said other wise.
*Note* Body Replacement, Clone Technique, Transformation Technique, Tree Climbing, and Water Walking are automatically gained.
*Note* All training is in character no OOC. Also Entrance and exit posts do not count towards your trainings word count.

Each Character will choose their own training method. Your character may do the training through trial and error or possibly by careful planning of chakra and manipulation for the training of the technique. As long as your character meets the required word count as shown in the system above and the main part of your characters training is in the post.

Once you are finished you will need to post in the "Jutsu Update Section". In here you will need to make your own topic for your jutsu training update, so that your training can be approved. Once approved you will gain that jutsu for use in the next topic your character goes into.

*Note* This site utilizes Naruto Wiki as a guide for the listings of ranks for jutsus. If you cannot find the rank for the jutsu you want then please put in a request for it in the "Unranked Jutsu List".
Naruto Wiki Link:

Now learning a jutsu is one thing and can be extremely difficult, yet creating a technique is even more difficult. That is why Custom Jutsus have a separate word count all together that is more difficult.
Custom Word Count:
    E-Rank: 100 words
    D-Rank: 200 words
    C-Rank: 400 words
    B-Rank: 700 words
    A-Rank: 1100 words
    S-Rank: 1600 words

Mastering a jutsu can be very difficult, but is possible seen by great shinobi's that are able to perform jutsus with less hand seals and requiring less chakra to perform them. Some could even use jutsu of a nature type when the element required is not even near them. Now mastering a jutsu has three levels and inorder to master a jutsu you must be a specialist in the type or sub-type that a jutsu may relate too.

Jutsu Mastery:
• Level 1 Mastery: Chakra required is one rank lower than it normally is and hand seals amount is cut down by 1/4th the required amount.
• Level 2 Mastery: Chakra required to perform the jutsu will be two ranks lower unless it is already only taking an E-Rank amount of chakra away.
• Level 3 Mastery: Hand seals amount need is halved and is now able to use the jutsu even with out the element around.
*Note* If the amount of hand seals is not a whole number then round up.

Level 1 Mastery Word Count
    E-Rank: 150 words
    D-Rank: 200 words
    C-Rank: 250 words
    B-Rank: 450 words
    A-Rank: 750 words
    S-Rank: 1150 words
Level 2 Mastery Word Count
    E-Rank: 200 words
    D-Rank: 250 words
    C-Rank: 300 words
    B-Rank: 500 words
    A-Rank: 800 words
    S-Rank: 1200 words
Level 3 Mastery Word Count
    E-Rank: 250 words
    D-Rank: 300 words
    C-Rank: 350 words
    B-Rank: 550 words
    A-Rank: 850 words
    S-Rank: 1250 words

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Jutsu Training Guidelines
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