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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Training Field 89 (Sasme's Strength Training)

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Training Field 89 (Sasme's Strength Training) Empty
PostSubject: Training Field 89 (Sasme's Strength Training)   Training Field 89 (Sasme's Strength Training) EmptySat May 05, 2012 5:18 pm


Sweeping the kunai underneath his pillow, Sasme crushed his alarm clock with the sharp end sighing loudly, and with a groan pushed himself up off his stomach. Now awake the twelve year old rolled on his side, landing flat on the ground, still very much tired. Despite being tired and more than a little more sore from the previous day's training he eventually pushed himself up to his knees. Taking a glance at the window behind his night stand he noticed the lack of sunlight still in the sky, Early bird my ass, I doubt the worms are even up at this time. After finally waking up he threw on a pair of black shorts, a white shirt, and tied his headband on tightly around hid head.

Running down stairs he grabbed a few pieces of bread and threw some jelly on them and he was out the door, and on his way to the training field. And since he was beginning his training anyway, he decided to take the long way around, instead of taking the direct route, he went the opposite direction. Going the opposite direction added an extra two miles on his run to get to the training ground. Mid-way through his run the sun begun to rise and the surrounding area had already started to lighten up, causing the street lights all to begin dimming down.

After reaching the training ground, Sasme took a moment to catch his breath, already sweating from having run around the whole village to get to the training ground. The sun had now begun to shine brightly over the village and caused his sweat drenched hair to glisten, dripping across his forehead and to his brow. Using his arm he swiped the sweat off his brow and began to resume his training dropping down to his stomach and positioned his arms for some basic push ups.

Developing a quick rhythm, Sasme began to pump his arms repeatedly going all the way down to his nose and back up to full posture. Though not the most glorious type of training it was simple, easy, and very effective if done enough times. The first hundred count though not extremely difficult had definitely started to cause him to move slower and got more difficult with every interval of ten push ups.

By the time Sasme neared his limit of two hundred push ups he began to lose nearly any resiliency in his arms and crashed onto the ground once he had hit two hundred and five. After resting for a moment regaining his breath he rolled over onto his back and flipped himself back up onto his feet he sighed and walked over to the near by small lake and dunked in his head in for a few moments. The heat had been more then just a little exhausting on the young Shinobi, but he wasn't finished with his training quite yet, and once he brought his head out of the water he walked back over to the middle of the field to begin the next stage.

Standing back in the middle of the field he placed both his hands together and locked them together taking a deep breath he kept his feet shoulder width apart and began his next session. He began doing standing squats, another of course boring but completely necessary work out, that would strengthen his legs and make his kicks more powerful. Being that the legs are normally the strongest part of the body, the number of squats he was able to do was very high, but still exhausting from doing so many.

By the time Sasme had hit his goal of five hundred squats, he walked over to the near by practice dummies and sighed. He was burning up, sweating profusely and now had to start his least favorite type of training, not that he didn't mind the results. It was just hitting a wooden dummy over and over again with his bare skin, stung like crazy and always left sore body parts. Sliding into his oddly positioned stance, he began to quickly swing his arms towards the dummy making sure to aim for the parts that he learned in class were the most vulnerable to hit.

Most of Sasme's strikes were aimed towards the neck, crook of the elbow, and mid to lower ribs. All which if hit correctly and hard enough could cause disorienting pain for whoever was on the receiving end of the hit. Though Sasme was not known as the fastest, or most fluid striker, if he caught you off guard and landed a solid hit, it wasn't just likely that you'd feel sore the next day, it was a given. Of course that was mostly among the other Shinobi his own age, though that was half the reason that he was out training so hard, he wanted to make sure he was able to survive any situation.

Finally having finished his hand and fist strikes to the dented and warped wooden dummy, he took a step back to prepare for his leg strikes, which were still sore from the squats he had just an hour ago. Looking at the dummy who's wear and tear could be noticed were caused from the repeated trips that Sasme made to the training ground every morning for the last couple weeks since Sasme had been a Genin.

After taking a step back Sasme, began to bounce about, letting the blood start flowing through his legs so that he could more accurately select his strikes. Beginning his training he carefully began practicing and swift and hard landing kicks aimed right at the base of the dummy's neck, a good spot for a paralyzing hit or killing blow. Sasme also began to practice alternating kicks aimed at both sides of the dummy's sides, making for good practice when fighting someone taller and trying to destroy their base. Damaging the rib and stomach areas are a good way to chip at someone's constitution, and damage vital parts of someone's body.

Dropping back down on his back he sighed with a wide smile spread across his face, it took a lot of effort to finish his training especially after pushing himself so much further then usual today. Looking up towards the sky, the sun was now on the opposite side of where it had begun, meaning the majority of his day had been spent training. His plans were now to head home grab a bite to eat and sleep and pick his training back up the next day.

After managing to lift himself back up onto his legs he slowly began the long trudge home, filled with both accomplishment and utter soreness in every limb of his body.

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Training Field 89 (Sasme's Strength Training)
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