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 Jutsu Chakra Rules

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PostSubject: Jutsu Chakra Rules   Jutsu Chakra Rules EmptyMon Dec 26, 2011 11:43 pm

All jutsus on this site require some type of chakra and the system below shows how much chakra it takes to perform a jutsu of a certain rank.

Chakra Drain:
E-Ranked drains 2 point from your Chakra Pool
D-Ranked drains 5 points from your Chakra Pool
C-Ranked drains 10 Points from your Chakra Pool
B-Ranked drains 20 Points from your Chakra Pool
A-Ranked drains 25 Points from your Chakra Pool
S-Ranked drains 50 points from your Chakra Pool

*Note* Some jutsus may be subjected to a separate amount of chakra drain and this will be determined by a staff member. Also this rule only applies to Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, not Taijutsu; Taijutsu goes under the Taijutsu rules.

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Jutsu Chakra Rules
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