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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Banned List

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PostSubject: Banned List   Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:53 am

Any Jutsu or ability that is determined by a staff member to powerful or not able to incorporate it into the RPG fairly will be placed here.

Banned Jutsus:
  • Flying Thunder God Technique
  • Izanagi
  • Mind's Eye of the Kagura
  • Summoning: Impure World Resurrection
  • Eight Gates
  • Summoning: Impure World Resurrection
  • Eight Branches Technique
  • Human Puppet
  • White Snake Possession
  • Soul Removal
  • Dead Demon Consuming Seal
  • Space–Time Barrier
  • Space–Time Migration
  • Casualty Puppet
  • Gathering of the Snakes
  • Space–Time: Spiralling Serial Spheres
  • Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
  • Lightning Release Armour

Banned Abilities:
*Note* Any Jutsu that requires any of these abilities are also banned.
  • Rinnegan
  • Senjutsu
  • Sage Mode
  • Juinjutsu a.k.a. Cursed Seals
  • Jinchūriki Forms
  • Mangekyo Sharingan
  • Sand Manipulation
  • Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan
  • Ranmaru's Doujutsu
  • Sakon and Ukon's Kekkei Genkai
  • Boil Release
  • Crystal Release
  • Dark Release
  • Dust Release
  • Explosion Release
  • Magnet Release
  • Scorch Release
  • Steal Release
  • Swift Release

Temporary Banned Clans:
*Note* Any Jutsu that are apart of this clan can not be use until further notice. This is only until the clans abilities and jutsus can be regulated.
  • Aburame Clan
    • Yamanaka Clan

    *Note* Anything may be come unbanned sooner or later.

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    Banned List
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