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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Hitomi's Custom Jutsu List [WiP]

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Hitomi's Custom Jutsu List [WiP] Empty
PostSubject: Hitomi's Custom Jutsu List [WiP]   Hitomi's Custom Jutsu List [WiP] EmptyThu Jun 14, 2012 8:47 pm

Name: Blinding Blade ( 盲 刀 )
Rank: C
Range: 10 Meters
Type: Kenjutsu
Sub-type: Genjutsu
Transformation: None
Elemental Affinity: None
Notation: Custom
Hand Seals: None
Description: This technique can be used through one of two means. The first, and most common, is from Hitomi's katana. When using Blinding Blade, Hitomi focuses for a moment on despositing a small amount of chakra into the tsuba. Afterwards, she starts the sword off to her left, raising in a clockwise formation. As the blade raises, it steadily grows brighter and brighter until it strikes 'noon', or directly above her head. At that very moment, a brilliant flash of light emits in all directions around her, blinding any within 10 meters.
Drawbacks: Hitomi must have her katana to use this ability.


Name: Blinding Claw ( 盲 爪 )
Rank: C
Range: 10 Meters
Type: Puppetry
Sub-type: Genjutsu
Transformation: None
Elemental Affinity: None
Notation: Custom
Hand Seals: None
Description: This is a variation of Blinding Blade. Much like the former technique, this one too creates a bright flash of light to blind enemies. However, the difference here is the tool. With this variation Hitomi channels her chakra into the claw and chained arm, that she controls much like a puppet. Rather than the standard display of bringing the claw around in a clockwise formation, Hitomi hurls the puppet at a desired location. At any point between Hitomi and its max distance, she is able to activate the ability granting her a max range of out to 20 Meters.


Name: Crow's Calling
Rank: C
Range: 20 Meter Radius
Type: Genjutsu
Sub-type: None
Transformation: None
Elemental Affinity: None
Notation: Uchiha Blood Limit/Sharingan
Hand Seals: Dragon, Tiger, Ox, Dog and Rat.
Description: With the Sharingan activated, Hitomi is able to make use of one of her favored custom Genjutsu's. After performing the required Hand Seals, a twenty meter radius around Hitomi turns pitch black. Those outside of the affected area may not see within unless able to beat the users intelligence by a 75% or more difference. Those inside cannot see one another, or any terrain unless able to beat the users intelligence by a 75% or more difference. Their vision being limited to only seeing Hitomi. After 'breaking' the rat Hand Seal, those inside see the darkness shatter into hundreds of red eyed crows. Still unable to see their allies, and those on the outside unable to see in, the crows begin swarming the targets pecking at the victims all over. At this point Hitomi will begin to attack anyone caught in the Genjutsu the victim she will be attacking defenses will be down for the fact of the illusions attacking them from all over. The victim can only block or evade every other attack for the fact they do not know where the real attack is coming from. This jutsu only last for 4 posts until shattering like glass showing the real world around the area.
Drawbacks: Hitomi must have the Sharingan fully activated to perform this Genjutsu.
  • •Less than 50% difference the jutsu takes full effect and will last for the full 4 posts.

    •From 50% to 75% difference means the jutsu will take partial effect and will only last for 2 posts

    •At 75% to 100% difference means the jutsu does take effect, but only last for the initial post it was created.

    •Over 100% difference means the jutsu takes no effect.

Name:Lightning Blade
Rank: B
Range: Close Range/Personal
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Kenjutsu
Transformation: N/A
Elemental Affinity: Lightning
Notation: Custom Technique
Hand Seals: 1.Bird (酉, Tori) 2.Hare (卯, U) 3.Dragon (辰, Tatsu)
Description: This technique is performed in a very unique way. Upon performing the correct hand seals, as well has the cantation Tori U Tatsu, Hitomi's hand begins emitting a light blue electrical current. By using her chakra to manipulate and control that chakra, she clasps her hand around the hilt of her katana. As she slowly removes it from the sheath, the electrical current moves down the length of the blade, encasing it within an electrical field. Arcs of lightning streak out in any direction, never any further than a few inches. With this lightning infused chakra blade, Hitomi has been known to cut through anything. Should it be another person on the recieving end of this jutsu, even the smallest of scratches lead to some of the most severe damage. At a cost of 1/5th the chakra, Hitomi may persist the effect for another post. Max Limit:3 Posts
Drawbacks: Due to the unique nature of this jutsu, every two attacks Hitomi makes with this technique she recieves backlash damage equal to 1/10 her maximum Stamina.
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Hitomi's Custom Jutsu List [WiP]
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