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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Abandoned Training field nine(WIP)

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PostSubject: Abandoned Training field nine(WIP)   Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:02 pm

Not being able to sleep Aiko decided to head to the old training grounds she used to go train with her brother. It would help calm her more to go to the training grounds instead of the lake knowing she had been found out by Jaden. Even though it had been an accident she couldn't let go of this feeling in her heart that would cause people close to her to get hurt. It wasn't something Aiko wanted at all knowing that she wasn't strong enough to protect anyone let alone fight anyone. Feeling the gentle water rub her back, Aiko turned to see the glob of water that always stayed by her side since that incident. Aiko had brought her water gourd this time knowing she might need it when most of the villagers were asleep.

As Aiko neared the training ground the water stopped rubbing her neck and moved away from her as it began to circle her, slowly at first. It began to speed up as Aiko walked she wasn't going to stop and turn back now knowing she still needed to perfect that technique. She would have to wake up early to try to master more even if she woke up to jog a little bit.

It took Aiko five minutes to arrive at the training ground, it would have taken three but the water wasn't being cooperative. She had to stop and wait for it to relax before she broke into a run and was easily caught up. In a way Aiko thought it was fun even though it was beginning to get annoying for her. She dismissed the annoying part after a third time and just smiled and had fun with what the water was doing. No doubt it was worried that the old training ground would stir some old and painful memories but it was also a place one of the few that made her feel safe. It was odd that the training ground had that effect when it was usually a small pond or lake that helped her, but Aiko herself knew the answer.

Looking around Aiko saw the three tree stumps that most training grounds had, including old kunai's and shuriken's that were left behind. Walking up to one of the three stumps Aiko saw the symbol of her clan; she remembered that her brother had carved that with a kunai when he first brought her here to teach her. Aiko's blue eyes began to water as a smile grazed her features, she was truly happy that this memory was still there. It wasn't a painful memory but it was sad that her brother wasn't there. Wiping her tears before they fell, Aiko looked around and saw a part of the forest and a thin layer of mist. This place was long forgotten and never really used anymore, as a new training area was created. Aiko knew the real reason why this training field was abandoned and a new one was created, it was because those assigned to cell nine usually died when they trained here. Aiko's own brother was assigned to cell nine and the superstition was as the villagers said since her brother often trained in this area. This is also why Aiko believed she would die soon, and didn't want to die without a fight but didn't want that death to be soon either.

Clenching her fist Aiko closed her eyes and spoke, "Takuya-nii, I won't die. I will make our clan proud of me, and if I were to die I would die making a name for our clan." The water on the other hand expanded and circled her as if it was taking the form of a human. The water itself hugged Aiko and Aiko could swear that for a minute she felt warm rather than the usual cold. "thank you." Aiko mumbled as she closed her eyes causing her to clear her mind and concentrated. She was going to attempt the first technique her brother had taught her.

Making the necessary hands signs needed, Aiko concentrated her chakra into the air particles that contained the water she needed. Kneading the water particles with her own chakra Aiko tried her best as she poured more chakra beginning to create the foggy mist she remembered. The gourd of water she had seemed to also be helping her slightly as some of the water came out of it but it joined the blob of water that Yuji always carried outside the gourd.

A four year old Aiko with short black hair that reached her shoulders and wearing a black yukata was holding an older boys hand. The boy too had black hair and blue eyes but he was dressed as a ninja with the headband of the Kirigakure village. The boy kept his head up and scanned the area they were entering as it was the middle of the night, and in Kirigakure the only ones that would probably be awake were the strongest ninja's. Yet that wasn't his concern right now and neither was that of little Aiko who was smiling happily as she held her older brother's hand.

It didn’t take the two long to make it to the training fields and Aiko opened her mouth in amazement as she took in the sight. There was a wide field in her eyes as she saw the three trunks that were used for target practice. Aiko wanted to let go of her brother's hand and run towards the trunks wondering how big they were.

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Abandoned Training field nine(WIP)
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