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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Krieg Senju (Done)

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PostSubject: Krieg Senju (Done)   Krieg Senju (Done) EmptyWed May 02, 2012 11:45 pm

Character Info

Character's Name: Krieg Senju
Age: 15
Gender: Male
* Height: 5'11"
* Weight: 180 lbs
* Eyes: Brown.
* Hair: Brown, medium length for a guy
* Body Type: Krieg is well toned, while not what one would call 'buff', he would definitely be called fit.
Personality: While most would not call Krieg 'smart', he is cunning, able to find ways to win, even when the odds are stacked against him. When he wants something, his relentless attitude toward his goal allows nothing to stop him from obtaining it. He is a hard person to get to know, but worth becoming friends with. He thinks logically, rarely acting on emotion. Is good at analyzing situations quickly. Krieg doesn't talk much, but he speaks bluntly, though he has been practicing not offending people with his words. He realizes weakness is found in every person, and will not criticize a friend for losing, as long as he knows they are striving to become stronger.
Nindo: Krieg's biggest drive is to earn money. He will constantly complain if he is not on a mission.
Extra Info: Krieg is most proficient with dual blades, and will rarely fight without using at least one, unless he is trying to make his opponent seem weak.

The Shinobi

Origin: Konoha
Ninja Rank: Genin
Hidden Village: Konohagkure
Clan: Senju
Kekkei Genkai: Not being of a direct bloodline, Krieg Senju does not carry the natural affinity for Wood Creation, as some of his early childhood friends did. Constantly being laughed at, Krieg strove to become stronger in other area's, to make up for that fact.
Elemental Affinity: Lightning

The Background
Krieg was raised by his father, in the Konohagkure village. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father did not talk about her much. They were not rich, but Krieg did not care for too many of the trinkets and toys other children played with. The only thing Krieg ever seemed to be fascinated with, was a sword. Since he could remember, he had been begging his father to train him, and when his father was not around, Krieg 'borrowed' a sword and practiced alone. He cut himself many times at first, when he practiced alone. Krieg's father never commented on this, which only led Krieg to believe he was somehow getting away with it. Right when the cuts were bearable, Krieg was at it again, continuing to train with a blade, every single day.

Krieg had few other worries as a child. He did not play with other children very often, and he became accustomed to not speaking much. He was asked to play by other children less and less as time passed. His father realized this, hearing from other parents about Krieg's social activity, or lack thereof, and pushed Krieg to joining his peers more often. Krieg did as he was told, but his lack of eloquence with the words he used made others not like him very much. Krieg did not care, his interests lied elsewhere, and when they told him to leave, Krieg never tried to stay, preferring solitude and training his swordplay.

He attended the academy as he came of age. Krieg had shown little interest in several of the subjects, and his performance showed as much. His father scorned him for the first time in his life when he failed several tests in a row. Krieg told his father he simply could not manage to understand or relate to some of the subjects. Knowing Krieg's greatest interest, his father went to the teachers, one who was a jonin, who gave Krieg several lessons outside of class. He showed Krieg how some of the things he was taught could relate to swordplay. Krieg, with his interest peaked, listened as he was shown how things that may not have anything to do specifically with the sword, would improve his fighting capabilities.

Krieg suddenly started to perform better in class, at least with the subjects he could somehow incorporate into his fighting. He still had no interest in other subjects, such as history. It could not be helped, Krieg thought to himself. There was no point in it, in his opinion. But the subjects he had taken a liking to, especially clone jutsu, he was capable of passing. Among his best jutsu's, aside from fighting, were Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. He was especially proficient with clone jutsu. He loved the idea of being able to create several of himself, multiplying his combat ability. He was only slightly let down when he found how much weaker each clone was than himself, knowing the stronger he got, the stronger they would get. He was also good with replacement jutsu, though he preferred simply never getting hit while fighting, finding this a good 'get out of trouble' card for tough opponents.

He managed to scrape a pass for graduation, his impressive clone technique and fighting ability overshadowing his slightly poor transformation jutsu. It was not bad, Krieg thought, but he was marked down for transforming into a shorter version of his instructor. But he did pass! He wore his forehead protector proudly home, showing it off to his father when he returned from work. Krieg's father knelled down, looking Krieg in the eye. Krieg could see the pride in his father's eyes, and the nod he gave his son. No words needed to be said, they both knew and understood the other. Now a Genin, Krieg looks forward expectantly.

Skills and Abilities
Advanced Skills:
* Ninjutsu: 3
* Genjutsu: 2
* Taijutsu: 0
* Kenjutsu: 5
* Weapons Master: 0
* Puppetry: --
* Fuuinjutsu: 0
* Ijutsu: 0

Unique Abilities:
* Major: Agile (+2 Speed)
* Major: Kenjutsu Prodigy (-50% word count for training Kenjutsu)
* Minor: Boundless Energy (+1 Stamina)
* Minor: Senju Clan: Members gain 5 extra Advanced Skill points to where ever they may want them from the start of Shinobi Registration.
* Major: Hopeless at Puppetry (cannot manipulate puppets, human or not, with chakra)
* Minor: Poor with Medical Skill (+25% word count when training Ijutsu)

* Strength: 5
* Constitution: 4
* Stamina: 8 (+1)
* Dexterity: 6
* Speed: 6 (+2)
* Intelligence: 3
* Wisdom: 6
* Charisma: 2

Role-play Sample:(Optional)
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Character sheet
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Alternative Characters Name:

Krieg Senju (Done) Empty
PostSubject: Approved   Krieg Senju (Done) EmptyThu May 03, 2012 6:37 pm

Krieg Senju (Done) Approved-2

Alright you look good. Have fun.
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Krieg Senju (Done)
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