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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Tori Hitonomi's Puppet & Poison

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Tori Hitonomi

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Tori Hitonomi's Puppet & Poison Empty
PostSubject: Tori Hitonomi's Puppet & Poison   Tori Hitonomi's Puppet & Poison EmptySun Apr 08, 2012 2:40 pm

Name: Ai
Rank: C
  • Bubinga wood (700 ryo)

Description: At first glance, Ai may appear to be a human woman with a rather large, pregnant stomach. The puppet is, however, almost entirely made of wood. Although her face is emotionless, she appears to be wearing quite a large amount of make-up. Her black hair reaches down down to the middle of her back. Her body is covered by a kimono with a rather plain pattern, along with a shawl. The chest is augmented with inflatable pieces to make her appear to be more "feminine". Her feet are bare and she stands at 5'8".
    Strength: 1
    Constitution: 1
    Dexterity: 3
    Speed: 2

  • Arms: The puppet's arms are outfitted with rotating blades along all three straight sections. Each blade is about three inches long and rotates along each section in a similar motion to that of a chainsaw. Its fingers are each tipped with six-inch long metal fingernails that are capable of piercing flesh. (Gonna take a guess at 2500 ryo for each chainsaw, so 15000 for the chainsaws, plus 1000 ryo for the 10 fingernails (100 for each kunai x 10 fingers), 16,000)
  • Legs: The puppet's legs are mostly hollow, and when fully extended, a small pair of air cannons can be activated, propelling the puppet at a high rate of speed momentarily (+6 to speed stat during the same post that the weapon is used). As a weapon, the air cannons are fairly weak, possibly causing bruises to the opponent if they are hit directly. (4000 ryo)
  • Torso: The torso is almost entirely hollow. It has no weapons, but it can open up rather easily, making it improbable as a method of trapping a foe. The interior is lined with heat-resistant metal. At the rear of the torso is a special set of pulleys that control the wires connecting the limbs of the puppet. The puppets limbs can be disconnected from the torso, connected only by a small thread of ninja wire. This can make it quite difficult to fully destroy the puppet. (1250 ryo for wire [10 feet of wire at 250 ryo, multiplied by five for each limb], 1000 ryo [200 for each reel, multiplied by five for each limb], total of 2250.)
  • Head: The puppet's hair has small senbon needles hidden among the wig of horse hair, turning the hair into less of a liability by making it impossible to grab onto. (1500 ryo [50 ryo for each senbon, multiplied by the number of senbon in the hair])

Total: 16000, plus 4000, plus 2250, plus 1500 is 23750 ryo.

Name: Sluggish Poison
Appearance: Bright yellow liquid the color of mustard, flows at the same rate as warm honey.
Effects: Causes the opponent to be a little slower (-2 to Speed) and weaker (-2 to Strength) for three posts. Must enter the bloodstream directly, no effects from ingestion or inhalation.
Availability: Common, easy to attain, but also very well-known and therefore has a cheap and common antidote.
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SoS Admin
SoS Admin

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Tori Hitonomi's Puppet & Poison Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tori Hitonomi's Puppet & Poison   Tori Hitonomi's Puppet & Poison EmptyMon Apr 09, 2012 2:29 am

Okay looks good. The poison I will say costs to make it and it will cost 500 per vial, each vial gives you 2 uses; meaning you can use that poison twice per vial.

Tori Hitonomi's Puppet & Poison Approved-2
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Tori Hitonomi's Puppet & Poison
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