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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Item Shop and Rules

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PostSubject: Item Shop and Rules   Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:28 pm

Item Shop
Basic Ninja Tools/Weapons:
Kunai | 1,000 Ryo
• Long Kunai | 5,000 Ryo
• Hooked Kunai | 2,000 Ryo
Katana | 10,000 Ryo
• Katana w/Holster| 11,000 Ryo
• Katana w/Scabbard | 13,000 Ryo
Wakizashi | 8,000 Ryo
• Wakizashi w/Holster| 9,000 Ryo
• Wakizashi w/Scabbard | 11,000 Ryo
Ninjato | 9,000 Ryo
• Ninjato w/Holster| 10,000 Ryo
• Ninjato w/Scabbard | 12,000 Ryo
Chokuto w/Scabbard | 10,000 Ryo
Tanto | 6,000 Ryo
• Tanto w/Holster| 7,000 Ryo
• Tanto w/Scabbard | 9,000 Ryo
Shuriken | 500 Ryo
• Fuuma/Windmill Shuriken (Medium) | 1,000 Ryo
• Fuuma/Windmill Shuriken (Large) | 2,000 Ryo
Senbon | 200 Ryo
Makibishi (10) | 200 Ryo
Smoke Bomb | 5,000 Ryo
Flash Bomb | 5,000 Ryo
Chilli Pepper Bomb | 6,000 Ryo

Basic Items:
Backpack | 2,000 Ryo
Bag | 1,000 Ryo
Holster (Requires a Strap) | 3,000 Ryo
Multi-Holster(Requires a Strap)
• Double Holster | 4,000 Ryo
• Triple Holster | 5,000 Ryo
• ETC. ()
Straps/Sash Leather/Cloth (Belt, shoulder, arm, etc.) | 1,000 Ryo
Pouch (Requires a Strap) | 2,000 Ryo
Satchel | 4,000 Ryo
Scabbard (Requires a Strap) | 5,000 Ryo
Multi-Scabbard (Requires a Strap)
• Double Scabbard | 6,000 Ryo
• Triple Scabbard | 7,000 Ryo
• ETC. (5,000 Ryo plus 1,000 for every additional holster; max 7)
Scroll Holster (Requires a Strap) | 5,000 Ryo
Wire (20ft.) | 5,000 Ryo
Wraps | 500 Ryo

Military Ration Pill (Recovers five chakra and five physical energy) | 10,000 Ryo
Blood Increasing Pill (Recovers five health) | 10,000 Ryo

Exploding Tag | 5,000 Ryo

Sealing Scrolls:
(Needs Generic Sealing Technique to use.)
Small Sealing Scroll | 1,000 Ryo
• (1 sealed items.)
Basic Sealing Scroll | 2,000 Ryo
• (5 or less sealed items.)
Medium Sealing Scroll | 4,000 Ryo
• (10 or less sealed items.)
Large Sealing Scroll | 8,000 Ryo
• (15 or less sealed items.)
Extra Large Sealing Scroll | 16,000 Ryo
• (20 or less sealed items.)
Unique Sealing Scroll | (Price dependent on the use.)
• (Technique Related Scroll)

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Posts : 177
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Age : 29
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Character sheet
Main Characters Name: Kon
Alternative Characters Name:
Alternative Characters Name:

PostSubject: Re: Item Shop and Rules   Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:29 pm

Item Rules:
All items must be bought in character; how you do this is by making your own Topic and posting in it an entrance, an interaction with the store clerk, and an exit. This all needs to be at least 150 words since it is in character. At the bottom you need a listing of the items you bought. Below is the coded needed.

(list of items to buy.)
* |
[b]Total:[/b] (Total amount spent on all items together.)
[i](Your characters name) Remaining Ryo: [/i] (Total amount of money your character has left over.)
* | 1000 Ryo
* | 1000 Ryo
* | 1000 Ryo
* | 1000 Ryo
Total: 4000 Ryo
Kons Remaining Ryo: 11000
Quote :
Krieg adjusted his newly obtained forehead protector as he entered the Shopping District of Konohagkura. Just yesterday, after the graduation ceremony, Krieg had moved into his own home, which he bought himself with the ryo he had been saving over the years. He had spent most of the day buying some furniture, a bed and kitchen appliances mainly, but he returned to gain some of his own weapons finally. He had managed to have a nice sum saved up, though he was down to 3500 ryo now, it was plenty for a blade. His father had always forbade Krieg from having his own weapons, and it had been on his mind all day. Finally, his own blade.

Krieg grinned, and walked forward to the item stall. The items and weapons were not top of the line, but they looked well enough made, simple and effective. Krieg briefly discussed cost with the man, and failed at haggling down the price, but bought what he came for anyway. While it was more than good enough for a beginning blade, Krieg held no notion of these being weapons he would use longer than it took to obtain a better blade. Still, he was not unhappy about the inventory, far from it actually. Krieg was overjoyed, and could not wait to practice with them.

* Katana- 1000
* Kunai (x2)- 200
* Strap (x2)- 200
* Scabbard- 500
* Pouch- 200
Total: 2100 ryo

Krieg's remaining ryo: 1400

Title Topic:
Name the Topic (Your characters name) Items and Equipment for example Roreks Items and Equipment. You must wait for these items to be approved before using them right away.

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Item Shop and Rules
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