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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Unique Abilities and Weaknesses

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PostSubject: Unique Abilities and Weaknesses   Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:32 am

Unique Abilities and Weaknesses
Unique Abilities:
Now it is a very important that you seriously consider the Unique Abilities your character may get if you choose to give any at all. A character that has two many powers can be over whelming or even Over Powered. Here is some thing you should try to follow when it comes to extras. Try not to have no more than two Major and two Minor Unique Abilities.

Now Major Unique Abilities are abilities that are more dominate and well shown in a character.

For example:
  • Kekkie Genkai, Massive Chakra Amounts, Super Strength, Speed, or Dexterity, an Extra Chakra Nature Type, Animal Companion (Ninja trained Animals or specifically trained Animals), or even One Handed Hand Seals.

Now Minor Unique Abilities are abilities that are present, but not as dominate as other abilities.

For example:
  • Photographic Memory, Natural Sense of Direction, Requiring Little Sleep or Food, Family or Clan Name, or even Detection of Liars.

Now each Unique Ability chosen must be explained.

For Example:
    Major: Super Strength, plus two to strength.
    Minor: Clan Name, access to learn all clan jutsus and clan related bonuses.

Now for every Unique Ability a character has there is an equal Weakness behind it. There are Major and Minor Weaknesses just as the Unique Abilities.

For Example,
  • Major Weaknesses: Afraid of Something (Animal, Blood, Etc.), Unable to learn certain kinds of Elements, Weak to certain types of Elements, or even difficulty in learning certain jutsus.
  • Minor Weaknesses: Has an Anger issue, Can't see very well, or even a slight learning disability.

Each of these Weaknesses most be explained as well just as the Unique Abilities.

    Major: Afraid of Blood, when blood is visible character cannot move for at least two posts until the blood is gone or after the two post to try to escape from it.
    Minor: Anger Issue, when angered character looses the ability to use dexterity for your next attack or defense.

*Note* Try to make the Unique Abilities and Weaknesses Equal if you choose to have them.

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Unique Abilities and Weaknesses
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