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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Acquiring an Element

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PostSubject: Acquiring an Element   Acquiring an Element EmptyMon Dec 26, 2011 6:20 pm

Acquiring an Element:
Acquiring a characters element is a difficult task like all training it requires a word count. The word count for an element is 2000 words. Every character has an elemental affinity because of this if you are training your Elemental Affinity then the word count is only 1000. Now there are some with Bloodline Limits or Unique Abilities that give a character a second Elemental Affinity which that element will only have a word count of 1000 as well.

Element Word Count
Elemental Affinity: 1000 Word Count
New Element: 2000 Word Count

Now when training an element that is stronger or the opposite of your element it is more difficult to train because of this the word count is much higher making the jutsu harder to learn and more work must be put into it. Now the word count for this will be 2500.

Element Word Count
Opposing Element: 2500 Word Count

Advance Elements are elements that are gained by a Bloodline Limit granting them the ability to learn this new element. For example; Ice release would be one of those Advanced Elements, which is gained through simultaneously combining the water and wind elements. Now just like any other element training it is required and the word count is 3000 words for the fact combining two elements is extremely difficult.

Element Word Count
Advance Element: 3000 Word Count

Mastering an element is a whole lot harder of a process and very few shinobi's ever truly master their element. Now mastering an element the word count is 3000. This word count cannot be decreased by any means.
Now the perk of mastering an element is all elemental jutsus of that nature will only require half the amount of word count needed to train them.

Now Mastering an Advanced Element is a lot more difficult; in order to master it you must first master the two elements that are required to use the Advanced element. Word count does not change.

Element Word Count
Mastering Element: 3000 Word Count

*Note* Genin can only train up to two elements and is not able to Master any with out permission from a "SoS Admin" Chuunin are only allowed to train up to two elements, but can master at least one. Must gain permission to master anymore from a "SoS Admin". Jounin can Learn up to three elements and can master all three elements. Must ask permission from a "SoS Admin" to learn and master anymore elements. ANBU are allowed to learn up to four elements and is permitted to master three. Must ask permission from a "SoS Admin" to learn and master anymore elements. Kages are capable to learn four elements and master four. To learn and master a fifth element you must request to do so from a "SoS Admin".

*Note* All training is in character no OOC. Also Entrance and exit posts do not count towards your trainings word count.
*Note* In order to do Flashback training you must ask permission from an SoS Admin.

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Acquiring an Element
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