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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Initial Stepping Stones [Kenjutsu Training ]

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Initial Stepping Stones [Kenjutsu Training ] Empty
PostSubject: Initial Stepping Stones [Kenjutsu Training ]   Initial Stepping Stones [Kenjutsu Training ] EmptyWed Jul 11, 2012 2:50 pm

part 1

warming up

It was a cold and windy afternoon in Sunagakure, half of the residence are off having fun at the festival while the others are off training to perfect new skills. Seba Jun one of the newest Genin in that year took it upon himself to not take any missions until he felt sure of his abilities and tactics. Finding one location in which the young genin was informed by the veteran ninja’s a place of sanctum. “So this is the place,” Taking in the landscape terrain and atmosphere, Jun notices the many areas in which he could literately use as set up dummy spots to attack should he grasp the needed information with the jutsu he’s aiming to work towards. “How will I start, even I haven’t a clue to get this sort of training underway,” Seba unsure himself how he’ll really begin figured he’d start with a few kenjutsu stances and break away from that. Reaching over, Seba grabbed hold of his katana as its nothing spectacular, having your basic color of a black handle with a white inner lining wrap intertwined within it. The edge of the blade had a saw like pattern to it which made for cutting with it to be that much more damaging should it ever connect with another person’s flesh.

Seba took hold of it placing his sword off to the side as both hands hold a firm but relaxed grip over the tsuka(handle). Shifting his body into what is known as a Waki-gamae stance, in which Seba conceals his blade behind his body which resides as if preparing to be fired off. Having a need to use the waki-gamae stance as a way to understand how he could extinguish a more fluid motion since he’ll need to best try and test out different methods to achieve a more steady flow to of power, speed and effortless positions of one pace towards another. Taking a deep breath in Seba allows his lungs to be filled with enough new air so that he can calm his nerves and muscles just enough to get into a mindset of being as empty as a crystal ball in mind and as steady as the wind. Releasing the air flow built up from within, Seba shifts his bodies initial stance which looks nothing more like he was dragging his sword to begin with; towards a new area of stance in which raw powerful strike exerts outwards in front of him. The built up of triggering his muscles to relax and then release like a bullet fired makes for a nice good warm up for Seba to now trust that his muscles have about warmed up upon pulling his sword from behind him out towards the front with a quick-draw strike.

Stopping shortly upon hitting the imaginary line at which Seba was aiming for all along which was two inches above an opponent’s chest and stomach area. Eyes focused as he made less attention on delivering a fluid strike and more on the fact of his muscles getting warmed up. But all in all everything fell into place and Seba was able to deliver it all in flying colors saver for the fact that the position of his feet being a bit off channeled less of an effective powerful strike that could of come out should he have paid attention more to his breathing and less to everything else going off in those moments from start to end.

Soon after The winds started to pick up and create a sort of vacuum of hard to see dust to swell up and push all around him and the rest of the training grounds. This sort of new obstacle made for Seba to have to train at an extra harder level given the nature of these winds being much stronger than the average winds that pass us by on the regular setting.

Having No need to rest Seba once again resumes the same stance as before and takes a deep breath in and gradually releases as with each new attempt came another new situation to overcome for both him and the surroundings of the training grounds. It wasn’t long till the hours turned into nightfall and seba was still needless to say the same routine until he felt that everything was perfectly right before he moved over into completely new stance and so on.

To be continued…
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Initial Stepping Stones [Kenjutsu Training ]
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