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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Jaden and Aiko's Item Shop Visit

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Jaden and Aiko's Item Shop Visit  Empty
PostSubject: Jaden and Aiko's Item Shop Visit    Jaden and Aiko's Item Shop Visit  EmptySun Jun 24, 2012 5:12 pm

Jaden would walk on into the item shop ready to look around and see what he may want. As he opened the door a bell would ring letting the owner know that he had customers. It was just a basic doorbell hanging on its hook just above the door, but low enough so when the door swung open and closed it would ring. Before leaving the door way though Jaden would politely hold the door open for Aiko being the proper person he was. Once Aiko came through the door Jaden let the door close shut ringing that little bell once again. The shop owner would look over his small glass counter at Aiko and Jaden telling them that if they needed any help just come and ask.

Jaden nodded like normal keeping to himself and walking off looking at all the equipment the shop had to offer. It was mostly basic equipment nothing really special just stuff you could get in any village. Jaden knew he wanted to get a swords so he walked on over to the far wall looking at all the katanas and sword like items there were. Jaden quickly scanned through them looking at the prices realizing that if he got any of these he would be out of money pretty quick. Jaden decided it might be best to go smaller for now until he could afford something more worth wild later. As Jaden walked down looking at the swords he found the most perfect one for him. It was a plain black Chokuto. To him it was perfect a little pricey for Jaden, but he knew he could afford it and all the Chokuto came with its own sheaths. Jaden would take it down from the rack it was sitting on and take a closer look at it taking it from its sheath inspecting the blade. He could tell it was well made and that it was just the perfect weight for him. Jaden then looked around making sure there was no one around he could harm and then began to swing the sword a little to get the feel of it. Jaden knew the moment he began swinging that it was the sword for him.

Jaden would place the sword back into its sheath ready to by it, but as he placed it back into its sheath he realized he needed something to hold the sword like a belt or a sash or something. Jaden then walked down towards the shop owner noticing there was a rack of belts and sashes for multiple uses. Jaden would look through them finding a lightweight leather one that he liked. It was a dark gray color that he could tell that it was very durable and well made just perfect to hold his blade in. Jaden grabbed a hold of the belt ready to buy it and as he walked up to the counter he noticed a basic little pouch perfect to hold a few items and next to it was some basic shurikens. Jaden knew that he had a little extra cash left over and thought to himself that he could always use some shurikens to utilize as needed.

Jaden then told the owner that he wanted to purchase the Chokuto and the belt along with the pouch and four shurikens. The shop owner nodded and gave him the price waiting for Jaden to pay for the items. Jaden reached into his pockets grabbing all the money he had on him giving it to the shop owner buying his first set of equipment. Jaden would thank the stop owner, taking his items putting the pouch on to the belt and placing the belt on to his waist. Jaden then slipped the Chokuto into his belt nice and snuggly on to the backside of his hip. Jaden then would grab his four shurikens placing them into his pouch walking towards the exit.

Jaden would reach the door opening it up once again as the bell chimed as the door hit it once he opened the door. Jaden would hold the door open waiting for Aiko to get what she was wanting and leave with him. Once she finished Jaden held the door open letting her exit and once she did Jaden would let the door close hearing the chime of the bell once again as the door would close behind them.

[Enter & Exit]

Leather Strap (Waist) x1 | 1,000 Ryo
Pouch x1 | 2,000 Ryo
Chokuto w/Scabbard x1 | 10,000 Ryo
Shuriken x4 | 500 Ryo
Total: 15,000 Ryo
Jaden's Remaining Ryo: 0 Ryo
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Jaden and Aiko's Item Shop Visit  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jaden and Aiko's Item Shop Visit    Jaden and Aiko's Item Shop Visit  EmptyMon Jun 25, 2012 8:01 pm

As the two walked Aiko's mind seemed to be set at ease from earlier. Sure she was struggling to make a conversation but it seemed they both needed the silence. It took both of them a few minutes to arrive at the item shop that was located in the shopping district. Once there Jaden was nice enough to open the door for Aiko, which she smiled and whispered a silent 'thank you' to Jaden as she entered the shop. Seeing the the shop keeper Aiko walked up to the owner and asked him, "Do you have any ninjato, with the light blue holster." she whispered as he recognized Aiko as a member of the Yuki clan. He directed her to the swords to pick out a ninjato where the swords were located. 'Miss the holster is in the back room, I will get it while you pick out your ninjato' he told Aiko as she nodded.

Walking over to the swords at the far end wall, she could see that Jaden was also looking at the swords. The chokuto's to be exact, but Aiko's focus was where the Ninjato's were. She wasn't fond of many swords but a ninjato that was on the shelf. Looking at it the price was decent, or at least she believed it was. She saw that it didn't have a holster or a sheath. Yet what caught her eyes was the mark of her clan, she knew if she bought it no one would suspect it knowing she could have gotten it because the mark of the clan was pretty. Smiling to herself she would use that as an excuse as she grabbed the ninjato. Just as Aiko grabbed the ninjato the store owner called to her because he had the holster that would go with her sword, a light blue one that seemed to match Aiko's eyes. Walking towards the owner he sheathed and placed the ninjato. Seeing the holster Aiko could see it had a small sash, one that hid the light blue holsters design that was the engraving for her clan. "Thank you." Aiko replied happily as she looked at the sash that she would indeed buy for her ninjato, thankfully the owner had already picked one out for her.

Turning back around Aiko knew that if she didn't carry a bag it might be difficult for any of her team members to have any food or supplies to carry. Aiko had seen that Jaden had already finished buying what he needed to get. Aiko wasn't in any rush as she walked towards the center of the shop where the bags and backpacks were. Looking for one Aiko found a durable and light weight enough to carry many things that she would eventually need. Smiling Aiko told the shop keeper that she would like to purchase the the bag as well as the sash, and ninjato that he already had at the counter. Taking her money out as she heard the shop owner give the total of what she was buying. Nodding Aiko took out the money she had and payed for her items. 'If only I had these items back then' Aiko thought as her eyes became clouded for a minute. That is when she felt a hand on her head patting her. Looking up Aiko's eyes widened when she saw the store owner smile at her telling her it must be hard being alone without my family, but he also mentioned that she had grown up strong. What nearly made her cry was the mention that her parents would be proud of her if they saw her now.

Holding in her tears Aiko thanked the shop keeper, she wondered why he was so kind to her and how he had known she was of the Yuki clan? Or did he even know that? Shrugging her shoulder's Aiko placed the sash around her waist knowing it could be re-adjusted for her back. Dismissing the thought that the shop owner probably thought she would like the design, after all coincidences exist. Taking her bag with her she took her ninjato with her as she walked towards Jaden. Turning back around Aiko waved good-bye to the store owner.

Like before Jaden had the door open and was waiting for Aiko. Picking up her pace Aiko quickly exited the shop. Letting Jaden close the door as the chime sounded again, only to alert the store owner that they had left. As the two walked and headed to their next destination to practice.

* |Ninjato w/Holster| 10,000 Ryo
Bag | 1,000 Ryo
Straps/Sash Leather/Cloth (Belt, shoulder, arm, etc.) | 1,000 Ryo

Total: 12,000 Ryo
Aiko's Remaining Ryo: 3,000 Ryo

[Entrance and Exit]
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Jaden and Aiko's Item Shop Visit
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