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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 That New Sword

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PostSubject: That New Sword   That New Sword EmptySat Jun 23, 2012 1:05 am

As Hitomi entered the Shopping District, she was happily greeted by the people of Kirigakure, her Village. Countless individuals came to her side, offering tasty morcels, beautiful crafted handbags and clothes and even various arms and armor. Some asked about her days business, others about the various dealings with the Village, while others simply stood in awe as she graced their presence.

She made time to stop and converse with the people, happily accepting tiny offerings of food. Usually it resulted in her showing an enormous appetite, and thanking the individual with a mouth full of half devoured food. Despite this, her people only laughed, thought never at her but with, often mentioning how they couldn't believe her figure even with an appetite the size of hers.She enjoyed her time with the people of Kirigakure, and would give anything to make their lives better. Luckily most understood this, and often thanked her for her hard work.

After her dealings and conversations with the local do-goods of the Shopping District, Hitomi proceeded deeper into the town, her destination quite clear. However, as she drew closer to the local smithee, her stride didn't slow. It didn't adjust to meet the angel of the door, or even show any signs of difference. Instead, it carried on. Its posture perfect. Distance between each stride nearly identical. For her, one didn't buy any simple sword. No. Instead, when one wanted a sword, they wanted an extension of themselves. Such a sword could not be purchased in just any place.


It wasn't until she neared the river that ran throughout the town that her stride changed. It slowed, and the direction shifted slightly. Before her was a bridge, and to the right was a flight of stairs that led down towards the river bank. It was these stairs that she followed, and within sight fell her destination.

Sandled feet sank into the moist sand beneath them; a sensation she enjoyed. The conforming sand eased the tension formed from walking and standing upon the hard stones of the village streets.

She came to enter a small hut, nestled at the furthest point from the river just against the wall of the street above. Inside, the heat was nearly blistering. It was a wonder the small shack didn't spontaneously combust from the heat, but she had known the smith for years, and was well aware of the precautions he took.

From behind a plum of smoke, rose the head of well fit man. Hadn't it been for the long streaks of grey upon his head, and wrinkles about his eyes and mouth, one would assume he couldn't have been older than thirty, when in reality his age stretched to just double that. Orbs as dark as the coal that fueled his forge peered through the smoke, a thick cigar clenched in his teeth.

" Well if it ain't the Mizukage 'erself! " He laughed between uncontrolable coughs, ones that no doubted had formed from his countless years of smoking and forging arms and armor. " An' ter what do I owe the honor?! "

He came lumbering out from behind the forge, his full size now visible. Compared to Hitomi, the man was a giant. He stood at some seven feet tall, and weighed atleast three times more than she. He was shirtless, displaying a well cut form. Skin, covered in soot, was drawn incredibly taut across muscles seemingly forged in the very depths of Hell. Around his waist clung a pelt of some wild, and obsenely huge animal, covering him from the waist to mid thigh.

His large, slag covered hand came to plop down upon the shoulder without an arm. Hitomi's head reared back, crimson locks cascading down the sensitive skin of her neck. A laugh too slipped by her lips, as her arm rose to its highest point, barely reaching the mans opposing shoulder. " It's good to see you too, Keronai. " She patted him several times before, looking upon the walls where he eyes found countless weapons and armor. " I'm here to replace my blade... " She spoke softly, as she began examining his wares. It wasn't often that she came here, yet over the years one would have assumed she had seen everything he could possible do. Surprisingly, to her astonishment, that had yet to happen.

Without missing a beat, the man parted ways with the Mizukage, heading towards the small foot chest at the end of his bed. " I figured it was 'bout time for yar to stop by. " He bellowed. With a loud grunt he kneeled, allowing his arms to reach the chest. " T'is why I made d'is 'ere for yar. " Once he withdrew from the box, and turned to face his Kage, Hitomi's eyes fell upon a sword only Keronai could have made.

He came before her, holding the chokutō between both hands. " She ain't yar typical blade, but... " Hitomi's hand rose, palm facing his direction. He took the hint and closed his mouth, as she grasped the hilt of the sword. With one quick motion, she spun. The sword slid from sheath with little resistance, ending only with a resounding metalic hum. As she spun, the blade sliced through the air, as if cutting through the very molucules themselves.

She stopped in her orginal starting position, having easily avoided hitting Keronai by simply pulling the blade inwards, its length running parrell with her vertical form. There she stood, amazed and biwildered at the blades craftsmanship. The blade itself seemed flawless, gleaming in the dim light of the burning coals, reflecting their light perfectly and without fracturing their rays. Unlike her standard Katana, this sword, this chokutō, was straight. However, what she had noticed was that Keronai had forged the blade in a manner very similiar to that of a katana; via folding the metal in upon itself countless times, and tempering its minerals. If it hadn't been for the lack of a curve, and the dual bladed sides, she would have guessed this was indeed a katana.

The hilt fit perfectly in her grasp, oval in shape wrapped in a fine red and black twine that seemed to have been coated in some form of kinder substance. The fuchi, or collar, was shapped in a design that caused her eye to widen. Keronai noticed this expression and even chuckled. " Aye. I figured 'at would draw yar 'tention. " To her amazement, the fuchi had been crafted in the shape of a tri-fold tomoe. Its primary color was black, while the outter shadding was red. This trait alone would have led the woman to purchasing the blade.

Gathering her composure, Hitomi placed the blade back within its sheath, before grasping it and hoisting it upon her shoulder. And without an exchange of words, she grasped her small pouch of coins and tossed them up to the man, who caught them mid air.

" Ya don' be a'stranger now! " Keronai called out from behind the slender woman, as she exitted his shack, heading towards The Open Sea.


* | Chokuto w/sheath
Total: 10,000 Ryo
Hitomi's Remaining Ryo: 5000 Ryo

Word Count:1257
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That New Sword
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