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 Laws of Kirigakure

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PostSubject: Laws of Kirigakure   Laws of Kirigakure EmptyTue Jun 19, 2012 4:02 pm


1. Unauthorized entry into the village by means of stealthy infiltration or force, warrants immediate arrest, and if necessary, lethal action against the infiltrator regardless of their rank, status, or purpose. The shinobi's village of origin may request to have the shinobi returned to them, but only to be imprisoned. The shinobi may not simply be set free. If the shinobi is a missing-nin, ANBU will be dispatched to the shinobi's village of origin informing that village of the missing-nin's actions and their obligation to pursue their missing-nin.

2. An attack on any Kirigakure shinobi is seen as an act of war unless the attacking person is a missing-nin.

3. If a missing-nin attacks a Kirigakure shinobi and evades capture, ANBU will be sent to that shinobi's village of origin to inform that village of their rouge shinobi's action and that village's obligation to pursue that missing-nin.

4. Any theft will be regarded as treason or hostile action, warranting imprisonment for life or death.

5. Person's caught impersonating a Kirigakure citizen or shinobi will be charge with either treason or hostile action, warranting imprisonment for life or death.

6. Unauthorized murder of any Kirigakure citizen or Shinobi, committed by a Kirigakure Citizen or not, warrants an imprisonment for life or death.


1. It is the right of every Kirigakure citizen to have a safe working, learning, and living environment.

2. It is the right of every Kirigakure shinobi to request vacation time.

3. It is the right of the Mizukage to levy laws and punishments as he/she/they see fit.


1. No shinobi from a foreign land is permitted to enter the village without permission from their Kage.

2. No missing-nin is permitted entry into Kirigakure unless they come under a flag of surrender.

3. Every guest to Kirigakure must be escorted by a Kirigakure shinobi guard (NPC)

4. Anbu answer dirrectly to the Mizukage and are allowed to enforce any laws of the village in any means they deem fit. They are above normal village law regarding violence, curfew, and can immediately arrest someone for any reason.
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Laws of Kirigakure
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