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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Hitomi Mizuhana{LaFin!}

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Character sheet
Main Characters Name: Hitomi Mizuhana
Alternative Characters Name: Yuzaro Senju
Alternative Characters Name:

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PostSubject: Hitomi Mizuhana{LaFin!}   Hitomi Mizuhana{LaFin!} EmptyFri Jun 08, 2012 1:12 pm

Character Info
Character's Name: Hitomi Mizuhana
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Height: Hitomi is fairly short, even for being a woman. She comes in at some five feet two inches tall.
Weight: Known for her short stature and lighter frame, Hitomi weighs around one hundred and ten pounds.
Eyes: Swirling shades of grey and blue make up this womans eyes. Occassionally the two hues clash forming brilliant strikes of gold.
Hair: Long silken crimson hair rests upon the crown of this womans head. Typically kept pulled back in a high pony tail, if Hitomi were to let her hair dangle free it would cascade down the vast majority of her frame halting just shy of her bottom.
Body Type: As mentioned before hand, Hitomi is rather petite. However, beneath the clothes one would find well toned muscles. Muscles formed from her countless years serving her family and Village.

Aside from this, a trait most people tend to notice first about Hitomi is her right arm, or lack there of. Some time ago, back when she was a Genin, Hitomi encountered a foe that had caught her by surprise and severed the limb clean from her form.
Personality: Hitomi is a woman hard to understand. Some say she's nuturing. Others believe her to be harsh. While even some believe she's quiet, or boisterious. Infact, Hitomi is all of these things. Her over all personality changes depending on whom she's speaking with. This is due to the fact that everything that makes Hitomi who she is, that drive that affects her actions, is solely based around those around her. Her one, true goal, is to see her family and village achieve their goals. To see them overcome any and every obstacle set before them. Over the years she has come to learn that each person requires a different form of motivation. While seem need to be nutured, loved and cuddles others require a more stern approach. While not always being the person people want her to be, she tries to be the person they need her to be.

Nindo: (Optional) " Allow me to be the force that drives you to your goal. "
As mentioned above, Hitomi's sole purpose in life is to help others. Regardless of the task, no matter how miniscule or daunting it may be, Hitomi will do her absolute best.

Extra Info: (Optional) Hitomi is a woman devoted entirely to her family and Village. Known amongst her family for being the one to cook and clean, to being the one that prepares immense feasts for the entire village, Hitomi puts everyone before herself. Every single waking moment is spent dedicated to the thought and execution of acts to better her people. To her, they are everything.

The Shinobi
Origin: Kirigakure
Ninja Rank: Mizukage
Hidden Village: Kirigakure
Clan: None
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan
Elemental Affinity: Fire

The Background
The Prologue
As far as Hitomi knows, her life began in Kirigakure. Her mother and father both members of the Mizuhana clan; a clan not well known. As an only child Hitomi was exceptionally well tended to and cared for. One could almost say she was spoiled and most were right. Her parents doted over their little girl.

Even at a young age, Hitomi displayed an exceptional talent in Genjutsu, despite the fact the vast majority of the Mizuhana clan were more inclinated towards Ninjutsu. This trait alone convinced her parents that she'd make an exceptional Ninja one day, and proceeded to dote upon the young child even further.

Academy Life

Some time later, Hitomi entered the Academy. Here she displayed her exceptional prowess in Genjutsu and Kenjutsu, with a knack for Puppetry. However it quickly became apparent that the young lass lacked a certain...ability in other areas. Most noteably, Hitomi showed a lack of Ninjutsu knowledge.

Despite being the 'oddone' , Hitomi was quick to form lasting friendships. It was here she forged a strong bond with Yojiro, a fellow classmate with abolutely no talent in Nin- or Genjutsu yet excelled heavily in anyform of physical combat. The two did virtually everything together. From cheating on tests via sharing answers, to pulling practical and harmless pranks on some of the more 'high and mighty' students. Indeed the two were seperate pieces to the same whole.

A Second Family.

Shortly after graduating, and becoming a Genin, she and Yojiro had been assigned to the same group. Amongst them was the Village known Ninja, Mitsutaka and a fellow Genin Maki. Each served a particular rolel; Hitomi took it upon herself to serve two purposes. The first was the Genjutsu expert, while the second, and selfappointed role, was mother of the group. She cooked frequently for them. Often cooking a different meal for each of them to suit each individuals appetite. Now she had two families....

The Tragedy

Unfortunately, change was on the wind.

It had been three days past a week since they accepted a low ranking mission to escort a travelling caravan across their nation. Like most missions before hand, it was exceptionally easy and they had encountered little to no opposition. However, it was upon their return that made them feel uneasy. The closer and closer they came to the village, the more and more an unsettling feeling fell upon them. Eventually, this feeling was like a oil soaked blanket draped over their shoulders.

It wasn't until they reached the crest of a large hill that they saw it. Smoke. Thick, nausiating black plumes of it bellowed into the blue canopy of the sky above. Without second thought or hesitation the four made a mad dash towards their home.... Or what was left of them.

The Carnage

Once inside the village the group came to realize a coup de'tat had happened. A clan, whoms name had been stricken from records, had saught to rape, murder and pillage everyone. And for the most part... They had been successful.

Almost immediately the group became ambushed by a small group. Caught completely off guard and unprepared, Mitsutaka suffered a fatal blow across the throat, while Hitomi had her entire right arm and and left eye cleaved from their very sockets.

Hadn't it been for Yojiro, she too would most likely had fallen that encounter. For almost single handedly, he took down and slew the dasterdly fiends and sealed off her wound through the use of a fire jutsu.

However, the pain and trauma of it all had simply been too much for her. Darkness to her already clouded world soon fell.

Eye Wide Open

It would be some time later that Hitomi learned that she had awakened two days after her incident. She barely remembers the words spoken to her by the frail, old woman that had taken her in. Friends. Slain. The only two words she has ever been able to recollect ran through her mind. Words that carried as much weight as the world itself. Weight that crushed her heart. A heart that would never be the same again...

For the first time in her life, her goal, her purpose was clear. And as if someone had finally brought light to her world...

Her eye were wide open...


Years whizzed by as if carried on the light itself. Time had no meaning to her. The only thing time served was to help her enemy escape further and further into the unknown. Not that it would help them....

Mercilessly she hunted each member of the clan down. Nothing they said slowed her down. Their cries fell upon deaf ears, and stone heart as she proceeded to slaughter them as they had all she cared for. Even to this day she can her herself mumbling, 'For Mother....For Father...For Seinsei and Maki... And for Yojiro!'

Even after all of these years... The iron remains strong upon her tongue.

Wounds that only a Kage should bare...

Some two decades had past since Hitomi began carrying out the mission she alone set out on. Twenty years of solitar had turned the young girl into a woman that was capeable of not only fending for herself but for everyone around her. She had learned that in order to better protect herself, her loved ones and all of those in her village she must be willing to forgo normality and transcend into something more than a simple Ninja.

It is most likely because of this outlook, and her outstanding success in the pursuit and persectution of those that commited the Kirigakure Tragedy that led Hitomi into the seat of Mizukage. The very seat where she vowed to help all of those that she could succeed in whatever their dream may be.

Skills and Abilities
Advanced Skills:
Ninjutsu: 0
Genjutsu: 6
Taijutsu: 0
Kenjutsu: 4
Weapons Master: 0
Puppetry: 5
Fuuinjutsu: 0
Ijutsu: 0

Unique Abilities:

Major: Kekkie Genkai - Hitomi has the Uchiha bloodline and is able to gain and use the Sharingan.

Major: Genjutsu Specialist – While using genjutsu Hitomi’s intelligence is increased by 5.

Major: Mechanical Arm – Hitomi’s arm is actually a puppet arm that she controls, it is just a retractable chain arm with a claw at the end of it. (Max reach of arm 10 meters and must follow the rules for puppets according to strength speed and such.) (Mechanical arms Stats bonuses Strength +2 , Constitution +5, Dexterity -3, and Speed +0)

Major: One Handed Hand Seals – Hitomi is capable to perform hand seals with one hand thanks to her only having one hand to use for hand seals.

Major: Genjutsu Master - Through her specialization in Genjutsu, Hitomi knows more Genjutsu’s than a normal person of her wisdom. Plus five wisdom for knowledge in Genjutsu only.

Major: Genjutsu Concentration – While using genjutsu Hitomi is only able to concentrate on the genjutsu so she will lack in other areas making her dexterity and speed go down by 3 each.

• Major:
Missing Arm – For the fact Hitomi has a mechanical arm in place of her actual arm she has issues with mobility because of this she has a –2 in dexterity at all times.

Major: One Handed – Since Hitomi is missing a hand to properly use hand seals Hitomi learned to use one handed hand seals, but for not being naturally gifted at it her dexterity while using hand seals for any jutsu has a minus 2.

Major: Genjutsu Focus - Because of her heavy focus in Genjutsu, all of the Ninjutsu and Taijutsus she knows is very lacking. Minus 10 from wisdom for knowledge in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu only

Major: Lost Descendent – Hitomi is a lost descendent of the Uchiha bloodline and because of this she does not have access to the knowledge of the Uchiha secrets and does not know how to activate her sharingan like most of the Uchiha members do. Plus 500 to each activation of the sharingan.


Role-play Sample:(Optional)
Alless could tell she was doing a good job of agitating the man. His shiny baldhead crinkled, which only caused her to stifle a chuckle. She did not know what but she found men with hairless domes to be rather funny looking. Through her stormy orbs, baldheads always looked like snow globes. Just begging to be shined and shaken around a bit. Oh how she wanted to just hope up, grab the man by his noggin and shake it about. The image was pasted clearly in her mind.

“No!” She exclaimed to herself, clenching the shutters to her eyes shut, rapidly shaking her head. Mass amounts of silvery threads fanned throughout the air, spanning several feet around her. It was then, with the males image so clearly in her mind, she noticed it. The hole. Directly upon the center of his forehead, rested the gaping mass of everlasting darkness. A trademark all beings of his kind bore.

It was with this realization that her abrupt motions came to a like end. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would run into one of them here. She was told Kyoto was not nearly as frequented as Karakura. Looks like that tidbit of information was wrong. Very wrong indeed.

However, before he mind could begin running rampant with outrageous ideas; one very clear thought came to the forefront. Why hadn’t he attacked her? Her mind began swirling with possibilities. Could he possibly be trying to get her to drop her guard? No. That could not possibly be it. He had asked her to leave after all. Then why? Did he plan on attacking some of the people in the local area? It didn’t take much for her to sense most of the people had left, for reasons unknown to her. Then that couldn’t be it. Her temper began to boil. Why couldn’t she understand him?

Without warning or notice, Alless’ weight shifted, all of its mass coming forward and down onto her two legs. She pressed herself to her full height, even adding a few centimeters by pressing her toes down which brought her to an amazing five feet and one inch tall. None the less, she tried to be intimidating to the man.

That was, until he offered her candy. Her stormy eyes seemed to clear for a moment, a bright glowing sun hidden behind those hues. “Candy?! Mister you give me the candy and I’ll go as far away from here as you like!” Immediately, her tiny, frail hand shot out. Digits straight, palm upward as she waited for him to hand her the candy he promised in exchange for her leaving the park. But then…

Before the man could hand over the sugary goodness, another voice graced her ears. This one, was most certainly female. Soft and delicate, and nearly as quiet as a mouse. The words she spoke even seemed to be void of any emotion. Sadness washed over Alless’ body, as her head turned to examine the approaching figure.

She was significantly taller than Alless, by some eight inches or so. The females’ hair was on the opposite end of the color wheel from Alless’ as well. Long and flowing, it cascaded down the woman’s well-garbed figure, dangling down to somewhere behind the middle of her back. Even in the dim moonlight, Alless could tell the woman’s eyes held little to no color at all, appearing more like finally polished obsidian pits.

All in all, the woman was incredibly attractive. Her skin porcelain in appearance Alless could only define its color as white. Like a sheet to a bed, or perhaps like milk. It wasn’t much unlike her own, though Alless’ still seemed to carry some life with it.

Her cloudy gaze was unable to break from the figure, as she approached closer and closer to where the two stood. Through her peripherals, Alless could see the bald man dropping to one knee as though the woman approaching was a queen of some sorts. This intrigued Alless further. Which was odd, because she knew, in the core of her being that she should be on guard. After all, these people were her natural enemy.

Alless stood back, keeping quiet as she observed the two trade words. She learned the bald one’s name was Titus, and he was apparently the vanguard of this woman, Hakuren. She was annoyed with him. Her tone carried flecks of it buried within the words that seemed to sting like daggers of ice.

While this was going on, Alless couldn’t up but notice a hand tightly clenching the garbs of the taller woman. She was intrigued, head cocking to one side silver hair waving down over her face. To her amazement, was yet another female. This one seemed rather scared, or unsure of the situation. That much was certain by how she squeezed in behind the frame of the slightly larger woman known as Hakuren.

Alless blinked several times. Why would she be hiding? Could it possibly be because of her? Or the bald man? She turned the ideas over in her mind several times, before deciding she couldn’t possibly be scared of her. No way no how. She was hardly scary, let alone scary enough to cause someone to cower behind another. So that must have met she was scared of the bald male known as Titus. Tears and sympathy tugged at her heart.

Guided by instinct and nature, Alless reached into her brown bag of sugary sweets and grasped one of the hard candies on a stick, similar to the two she had in her mouth. However, this one was significantly larger; almost a small saucer in size.

“ It’s okay! The bald guy hardly seems scary if you look at his head like a snow globe! “ She spoke cheerfully, pushing the sucker closer to the woman, urging for her to take it. “ Just imagine yourself grabbing him by the eyes, and shakin’ him about!” One leg shifted, stepping behind the other, hip cocked to one side, while her head titled the over. Her eyes closed shut, lips curled high into a smile.

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Okay looks good I hope you do well and good luck.
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