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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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Character Info
Character's Name: Aiko Momichi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Aiko Momichi:
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 120 lb
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Dark black thick hair, her hair goes down and ends at her waist.
Body Type: Type:Slim, though it's not that athletic just yet. She is still pretty strong even though she prefers not to show it.
A very bright and energetic girl, that dislikes violence and what it causes to others. She enjoys traveling and seeing new things as well as learning. She tries to stay as positive as she can even when things look so bad for her. She gets a long with those she meets even though at first she would feel uncomfortable and weary of those around her. She is easily gullible and tries to shake that off with the concentration and fascination she has in growing up and leaning a new jutsu to react her goal. She hates getting mad, because she is usually the opposite. She would be rude, hateful and would adore violence even at the most randomnest suggestions. Which is why she hopes that no one ever makes her angry, the only one that EVER did so far was her brother. He would regret it but likes seeing his sister's 'other' side, even though Aiko later pouts and goes into the forest to look for a lake or pond to calm down. She enjoys seeing clear water that is calming and gives her the feeling of tranquility and a smile on her face. She has always enjoyed the stories of every Mizukage and wonders if in the near future she could be one too.
Nindo: (Optional)
Extra Info: Aiko is the last one of her family members to wake up for almost anything. She hates Violence and will only use it if it is necessary or when she is angry. She enjoys anything that is free and new to her. She is clueless when talking to boys about emotions/feelings.

The Shinobi
Origin: Born and raised in Kirigakure.
Ninja Rank: Genin
Hidden Village: Hidden Mist/Kirigakure
Clan: Yuki
Kekkei Genkai: Ice Release
Elemental Affinity: Water, Wind, and Ice

The Background
Aiko is the youngest of two children, who survived their family lineage, as the era of fear for the kekkei genkai passed. Takuya is Aiko's older brother and the pride of her family and clan, or what's left of the clan. Her family has always kept strict rules when using or hidding their kekkai genkai for generations until it was safe to openly show it. As Aiko being the youngest and the most curious one of her family, was usually scolded unlike her perfect brother who she loved and looked up. One day that curiosity left her wide open as she practiced her water ice jutsu while dancing, letting her guard down in the process and getting caught by someone as she used her kekkai genkai. Panicked Aiko rushed home hoping that her village wouldn't find out and hurt her or her family. After all the Kekkai Genkai were now beginning to get accepted after so many years of fear towards those of her clan. It also explained why there were so few people left in the Yuki clan and those that were still alive had been scattered and lived in hiding even now, you would have to be careful. Aiko stayed home all day and didn't leave her home until it was dark, she wanted to know why she hadn't been snitched on. She hadn't noticed that her brother Takuya had seen her leave and followed her from a distance. He was worried for his slow and clumsy sister, as she headed into the forest.

After a few minutes Aiko had arrived in the location she was in the afternoon, and saw that someone was waiting for her, as she regretted her decision. Taking a step back, the figure came into view and pinned her by her neck to a nearby tree. Aiko wasn't sure what this strange ninja man wanted from her, and being a child she was still too weak to fight, unlike her brother who was probably four times stronger than her. Glancing up Aiko was able to see that the ninja that had her pinned to the tree was a ninja from a different village, he could possibly be a spy and his grip on her throat got tighter. She believed that she was about to die when the pressure of the man’s neck was lifted. Falling to the ground Aiko coughed as air entered into her lungs. Looking around her Aiko saw her brother and the man fight, her eyes widened when she saw the scene in front of her eyes. This was a real fight one in which her brother could die or the man from another village. Aiko was too shocked to move but after a few minutes of watching she watched as her brother defeated the ninja and tied him up. At that point a group of ninja's came, they were of our village, and knew that my family were part of the Yuki clan. They were also among the few that accepted her clan, and the kekkai genkai they possessed. One thing Aiko promised herself was that she didn't want to see a world in where there was a lot of violence but would try to find a way to take action peacefully.

Aiko's brother approached her and hugged her tight, telling her to be careful next time she left the house. A worried brother he is for his younger and only sister, who looked up to him not only as a ninja but as a role model. As they headed home the other Kirigakure ninja took care of the ninja Takuya had fought and tied down. Aiko was shaken up by the events that happened as she promised her parents that she would not go out without at least some weapon or her brother if needed.

A month had passed since the incident, as the village lived in tranquility and unsuspecting of the first wave of attack a group of ninja's had begun to take. Their main target was the Yuki clan, as they searched the village in the mist for any remaining members. If they found any of them they would kill them, but they had to be careful that the rest of the village wouldn't know until their job was done. Hearing a cry of pain and agony Aiko woke up startled and quickly got out of bed and dressed as she sensed unfamiliar presences in her home. She became filled with worry and fear, fear for herself and her family. Aiko's head snapped up as she heard her father's voice booming in the distance. The next thing she knew was that her room door was burst open, and Aiko had a kunai in hand ready to attack as her eyes widened in shock. It was her brother Takuya who had opened her door, his hair was drenched in blood as his blue eyes were focused and filled with so much worry, worry that something had happened to his precious sister. He had rushed after his father had fallen and told him to protect her.

That is exactly what he would do as he grabbed her by the wrist only telling her, "Let's go into the forest, we’ll be safe there." Nodding Aiko followed her brother's lead and tried to keep up the pace he had set for them as they ran out of their house. The home they had lived peacefully for so many years and now it was the place that had taken their parents as they ran into the forest. They both could sense that they were safe for a minute before they felt the presence of other ninja. Takuya and Aiko kept running into the forest, the deeper they ran inside the more mist was beginning to show up. Aiko was scared and was letting her tears fall as she finally understood what was happening, her parents were dead and the only one she had now was her brother. She felt pitiful for not being strong enough to help fight off the enemy but she knew that type of thinking would get her nowhere, now when she and her brother were in danger.

After a few more minutes of running, Takuya and Aiko were in the middle of the forest. As Takuya stopped he looked at his sister to see how she was taking this. It broke his heart to see his sister in tears and not in her usual pouting or smiling self. What he saw was a scared child, crying for the loss of their parents. Takuya himself felt like crying but he had to be strong for his sister and for him. They were the only ones left and he wouldn't leave his sister alone as he pulled Aiko in a hug. He hugged her tight as he stroked her hair and spoke; he didn't feel anyone near so he believed that they were safe. "Aiko, don't cry. We both have to be strong but when this passes we need to be careful about what we say of our clan. We cannot let others know that we possess our clan's power. I will do what I can to protect you, my little sister so don't cry." Takuya said as Aiko sniffled and returned the hug her brother had given her. Yet in the shadows was a shinobi one in which was waiting to kill the girl. The boy was the next target he would kill but for now he watched the two.

It had taken Aiko ten minutes to calm down as she hugged her brother. She had been glad that he been patient with her this whole time. Letting go of her brother, Aiko sat on the ground she was tired from all the running and the mist in the forest was pretty thick. Takuya on the other hand had decided that they were safe for now and wondered if there was water nearby, he knew his sister's throat was probably dry. "Aiko, stay here I will go find water." he said as she only nodded. As Takuya walked away from his sister he had a weird feeling that someone was watching him and it seemed he was right. He was only a few ten feet away from his sister, when he heard her scream. Takuya had turned around and saw a Ninja from a different land jump down as he quickly bolted and ran to his sister.

Aiko was terrified as the ninja had jumped down and with Shuriken in hand, as he lunged towards her. Screaming Aiko closed her eyes, and placed her hands up to cover her face, without noticing that her brother was close to her. Takuya had sprinted to his sister and failed to notice what his sister was doing. As he made it to his sister he hugged her to protect her from the ninja's attack and his eyes widened in shock as his chest was pierced, his eyes scanned his surroundings as he held his younger sister. She had successfully created an ice spear, and Takuya had failed to notice that it had pierced his heart. As he felt the pain that the spear had caused, blood began to ooze out of his wound and mouth as he coughed out blood. Using his own chakra, Takuya helped his little sister's own ice spear by infusing it with his own chakra. He knew that the attacker was close and he was right as the ice spear grew. The seen the ice spear but he was already close that the spear had pierced his foot. Before he could react the spear had grown as he saw the boy was bleeding out of the wound he had. Smirking he was about to throw the shuriken at the boy and girl when he felt three hits. One at each side of his chest and the third was the one that caused him to scream and die, as the spear grew to pierce his chest and go further destroying his heart and destroying his lungs in the process. His scream though made Aiko open her eyes and see her brother's arms around her.

As she saw looked near her she wasn't sure what had happened as she looked at her brother's wound, her heart broke. The ice spear had pierced his heart, as she saw him smile at her. Aiko's eyes began to fill with tears seeing her brother hurt and what was worse she knew deep inside her she had caused it, as the ice began to slowly melt. Her brother's next words confirmed her fears as he spoke in a hoarse and weak voice. "Aiko.. Good job.. I didn't know you could actually pull a technique like that.. Haha... don't cry and don't make that face kiddo. I'm proud you saved us both sis.. I don't want you to feel guilty. You....*hack* protected yourself very well sis..You will make a splendid ninja in the future. I love you so much, don't forget that Aiko *hack* I'm proud of your growth baby....sis.." He said as he kissed her forehead one last time and collapsed in her arms. Aiko wasn't sure what to make out of it as she let her tears our out of her eyes. She knew now that she had killed her beloved brother and regretted it so much. Now he was dead in her arms. "N-no.. Takuya... Takuya... Takuya!!" Aiko yelled with tears in her eyes as she shook her older brother that was limp in her arms. He didn't budge or move at all. Aiko couldn't believe what had happened she refused to believe her brother was dead as she laid him on the ground and shook him. Tears still streaming down her face Aiko tried calling for her brother to wake up, but no response came as his body's warmth left his body. Aiko was devastated as she curled up near her now dead brother, feeling destroyed and guilty for what happened. She wished it had been her life that was taken and not that of her brother's. Crying herself to sleep Aiko hoped that everything that happened was only a nightmare and that when she awoke again things would get better. The only tranquility she had in her dreams was what her brother had told her, 'I love you Aiko.. I'm proud of your growth baby sis.'

Aiko later awoke in the village's hospital, learning that her family had indeed been killed and so did many of the ninja that had invaded the village to kill her clan. A medic ninja had come in to tell Aiko that she was lucky enough to have lived, and that her brother had given his life to keep her safe. Sadness and new found tears filled Aiko's eyes as she remembered what had happened in the forest. She had lost the only reason to live, the only family member that she had left. She was alone in the world without anyone. The medic ninja felt sadness and pity for the girl as she would be alone now that her entire family had been killed.

A few days passed and Aiko was discharged even though she had eaten little to nothing of what she was given in the hospital. She had grown thin, more than necessary and it worried a family that had known Aiko's well. They watched Aiko head home alone and lost; they were debating into whether they would take her in or not. They knew of her family's secret but were not afraid like many others had been many many years ago. As they watched Aiko enter her now empty home they family decided to take her in as the oldest son went to fetch her.

Aiko walked to her old room to retrieve a family picture she had. It would be the only possession and memory she needed. As tears once again filled her eyes she kept advancing forward. She knew she needed to be strong after all she was alive now wasn't she? Walking inside Aiko found her room and opened her room. It was exactly as she had left it when she left with her brother. As more memories entered her mind she walked to her drawer was there was an old family photo of Aiko and her family. Taking it out Aiko looked at it as more tears fell. She hated the feeling she had and wondered if it would ever leave her? Just then she heard someone enter her room. Alarmed Aiko turned around to see the son of the Momichi family. Before Aiko could speak or even mutter a word he spoke, "My family would like to adopt you, you are not alone Aiko. You have us, and the rest of the village that loved and cared for you and your family. I know you are a shy person but do you want to join my family?" Aiko was unsure why she felt thankful and at the same time sadness to be reminded that her family was no longer here, as she looked at the boy that stood in her room she nodded as new tears came out of her eyes. She was pulled into a hug as she for the first time since he brother had died was hugged and comforted. Crying Aiko let out all the emotions that she had kept in for so long, and the fatigue she really had took over as she fell asleep. Carried out of her old home Aiko was carried to her new home; with the momento she now had Aiko's new life began.

After a few years Aiko was her normal, energetic but shy self as she was now part of a group. She had already graduated from the academy before her family had died, but now she worked her way to become a jonin but more importantly a medical ninja. That way she wouldn't see what she saw back then, and now her real test begins as Yuji remembers the words that would always shatter her heart, the words her brother had said to her. She would stay true to her word and become the best medic she could, as she hid the fact that she is in the Yuki clan.

Skills and Abilities
Advanced Skills:
Ninjutsu: 1
Genjutsu: 1
Taijutsu: 1
Kenjutsu: 0
Weapons Master: 0
Puppetry: 0
Fuuinjutsu: 0
Ijutsu: 2
Kyujutsu: 0

Unique Abilities:
Major: Ice Release (Free Major UA)
Major: Infused Water – After Aiko’s brothers death his chakra fused with the water and ice that him and her used to protect herself with. Now the water stays with her at all times following her as if having a mind of its own. This water cannot be evaporated even by the strongest of fire attacks and any jutsus that use this water takes one rank lower amount of chakra that is normally required. (Total of 8 gallons of infused water.) Note this ability does not require training it is automatic.
Major: Ice Shield – Using the infused water she has with out thinking as if her brother was protecting her again; a thin layer of ice will form from the water around her protecting the area that is being attacked. Plus 10 to Constitution and Speed of jutsu is plus 10 her actual speed. Note this ability does not require training it is automatic.
Minor: Water Gourd – a large container to hold a large amount of water in with a strap. (Free Minor UA)
Major: Draining Ice – Even though the water is infused with her brothers chakra when creating the ice shield it can be very draining to Aiko. After every use the Ice shield drains 5 points of chakra each use and cannot control when used; this ability will work every time it can. If Aiko is out of chakra this ability will only be half as affective.
Major: Unseen potential – After Aiko’s brothers death Aiko could never really show her true abilities because she couldn’t see it in herself and when he was alive she was compared to him. Minus one from strength, constitution, and stamina when fighting with an ally.

Strength: 4
Constitution: 5
Stamina: 6
Dexterity: 4
Speed: 6
Intelligence: 6
Wisdom: 5
Charisma: 4

Role-play Sample:
(not sure what point of view it needs to be done but I guess third pov(point of view) will do.)
Aiko awoke from her futon. Looking up at the ceiling before her, her clear blue eyes searched around to see that no one was here. Like usual she woke up alone and it didn't bother her anymore, no she wanted to get stronger to become a medic ninja and travel to other villages if she could. For that she would have to learn, train and stay positive no matter how hard or hopeless things seem for her. She had graduated from the academy on her first try and it was a fun experience for her. Of course her family didn't seem too happy with her since her brother Takuya was able to graduate and take the chunin exam in the same year and under a month. Unlike Aiko at all, she did struggle in learning some jutsu's but it was just her carefree nature that stopped her at times. Sighing Aiko looked at the only picture she had left of her family, and smiled, “I miss you guys.” She said as she felt her eyes get watery but shook that feeling off as she got out of bed. She had to get dressed and be ready to train or meet up with her team, if she was assigned a team.

Taking her time to dress, Aiko glanced at the clock and saw that she wasn’t running late at all, if she took her time she would be able to visit her family. Sure she was now a Momichi, but the fact that she is in the Yuki clan was a big secret that her adoptive family had agreed to keep along with her. She was happy that they had made so much effort to bring her back, and not let her die off like she would have liked. Once Aiko finished dressing and headed out of her room, she headed to the kitchen where her family was eating. She only took a piece of fruit as she left the house. Her new family was more supportive than Aiko had believed intentionally and it had taken her a year or two to really open up to them. She was grateful to them for all the things they had done for her, as she turned the corner into the streets of her village.

The village at this time of day was covered with a small thin layer of mist; the mist that usually hid the village and provided for many genin and ninja’s of all levels to grown and use other senses besides their eyes and touch. Aiko on the other hand used sound after what had happened to her in the past.

Strolling down the streets Aiko walked in the direction of the graves. Her family had been lucky enough to have had a proper shinobi burial, one in which Aiko wasn’t present. Yet after a few years she visited the grave, today was also an important day for Aiko. It was her birthday; she was now fifteen years old and a genin. She still had a long way to go to be a shinobi, but that didn’t matter at the moment, she wanted to see her brother. Turning left at a corner Aiko say the dirt road that lead to the graves, the graves that her family was buried in. Feeling the need to see then Aiko broke into a run, and reach her family. She still felt guilty for what had happened with her brother but hoped that no one would bring it up again knowing her brother was more liked than Aiko herself. Sighing Aiko came to a stop at her families graves as she saw fresh flowers were placed in the grave. Aiko smiled as she tried to create and ice flower, a simple thing her brother had taught her. Once she did she placed the flower at the grave. “I’ve stayed alive, to revive our clan and make you proud. Mama, papa, and Takuya.. I miss you guys so much, I wish you were still here but I know that you will always be watching me.” Aiko spoke sadly feeling her voice crack at the end of her response. Smiling lightly Aiko looked around and didn’t see anyone as she bid farewell to her family and hoped today would be the start of something new and good for her. As she walked she had her memories and the words that her brother had always told her when she accomplished something, ‘good job kiddo.’

Aiko headed to the meeting place she would need to be in, to meet her team and get a mission. She knew she would do her best, and make her family proud of her. She also wondered if the people she would meet would be interesting people or not, she had to remain positive.

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