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 Hanakora Clan/Flower Release

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PostSubject: Hanakora Clan/Flower Release   Hanakora Clan/Flower Release EmptyMon May 14, 2012 7:51 pm

Hanakora Clan:
The origins of the Hanakora clan are truly own known, but it is known that the members of the clan were practitioners of the flower ninja arts. This clan before moving to Konohagakure utilized flowers either by carrying flowers or utilizing flowers that were around them for all sorts of jutsus. After things in all the lands began to settle this loose net clan settled down in Konohagakure knowing that from then on out their lives moving around would be no more. As the clan settled in Konohagakure the clan came into contact with the Senju clan a clan well known through out the village. Both clans worked very well together since both clans focused on the life force of nature the Senju’s wood release and the Hanakora clans use of flowers in their jutsus.

Over time went by the clans became very close having members join together with each other and in doing so started a new kind of style, in which brought out the use of the Senju’s wood release in a completely different manner. Members of this clan that had the Senju blood flowing through their veins learned that they could actually utilize the life force of wood release to make flowers grow almost instantly. With this knowledge in hand the members of this clan began to improve upon this skill being able to push it to a point where they no longer needed the seeds to grow flowers. The clansmen were able to grow flowers any where no matter where they were. The members were even able to make lotus flowers sprout up from under the water making it seem as though members of this clan create flowers anywhere they may like.

Hanakora Clan Traits:
The clansmen are well known through out Konohagakure for the fact most of the members prefer to wear bright colors, but they are most know for the fact of wearing bright white tunics with accents of colors such as sashes or belts that show their favorite colors. Now it is not necessary to wear the white tunics, but most do anyways since they are more pronounced when doing so. The members of this clan that do have the Senju bloodline running through their veins normally wear the white tunics with a green sash showing their origins and the pride of having the strongest of abilities in their clan which is known as “Flower Release” for the fact instead of creating trees and wood like most Senju’s would they create small flowers for the use of their combinations of flower ninja arts.

With the Kekkei Genkai:
The members of the clan with the Senju’s bloodline running through their veins are capable of using the ability of “Flower Release”. These members are highly renowned in the clan for the fact they have what is considered the strongest abilities of their clan and for the fact being capable of doing this even with the Senju bloodline is extremely rare. Just like the Senju’s the members with this special Kekkei Genkai gain the affinities of Water and Earth unlike most people who have an affinity to only one element.
*Note* There is only one permitted per month; so it is first come first served. Must be a complete and ready app to get the spot.

Now besides their natural gifts to use ‘Flower Release’ the clans members have two levels of this ability.

First Level:
The first level of the clans abilities in ‘Flower Release’ is in order to utilize ‘Flower Release’ they must collect the required seed needed to perform the jutsus. This means starting out they can only grow already existing seeds. Now the word count to reach this level is 500 words of training after learning ‘Flower Release’ a.k.a ‘Wood Release’.

Word Count:
Level 1 : 500 Words

Second Level:
The second level of ‘Flower Release’ grants the user to the most powerful techniques of the clan and is now able to create flowers without even having seeds. Meaning these clan members that have mastered ‘Flower Release’ can now create flowers out of thin air. The word count for this level of ability is 1000 words of training.

Word Count:
Level 2 : 1000 Words

Without the Kekkei Genkai:
Now members with out the Kekkei Genkai naturally come to have the elemental affinity of water or earth tending to the gardens in their clans private residence. Now these members even though not able to grow flowers at will like the members that have the Senju bloodline. They are able to utilize already existing flowers for their clans Flower Ninja Arts.

Original Creator Hanakora Lian
Recreated and Edited by SoS Creator
Property of Soul of the Shinobi.
© All Rights Reserved.

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Hanakora Clan/Flower Release
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