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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Hanakora, Jojo

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Jojo Hanakora
Jojo Hanakora

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Character sheet
Main Characters Name: Jojo Hanakora
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PostSubject: Hanakora, Jojo   Hanakora, Jojo EmptySun May 13, 2012 1:17 am

Character Info
Character's Name: Jojo Hanakora
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Jojo has a thin smooth face with soft skin. The skin is elegantly smoothed out and not completely stretched out with the age that Jojo has, in all efforts her skin is actually smoother than what her actual age should be with all the pimple crap. The single pink colored scar that runs down the edge of her temple and down towards her neck revolves around a story. Jojo's cheeks are average in muscle tone and confined skin. Following the cheeks and the scar will both display the way her cheeks can blush at different times. When blushing the cheeks will revolve to show lightened shades of red and darkened shades of pink. Making her cheeks reveal more to a story than she would like. The cheeks would normally be a flushed expression'd color that is not seen very often in a normal person, then again Jojo has never been a normal person.

The kunoichi's lips are plush with the girl's light shade of pink. Normally lined upwards with a smile that can be defined as demonic care. Demonic care for punishment can arise even when one is smiling and as such this is an instance where she always smiles like that. Yet when not smiling and in the office her bored expression is just the strait line that doesn't curve up nor down at all. When frowning this can only be seen as a disappointed look from one of such charismatic fortitude. Jojo's eyes are keen with golden tints. Though her pupils are oddly large for dilation as far as the science is concerned. A darkening of the pupil's colors can be equally frightening when seen as the anger fills in her face. Jojo's eyes are always gleaming around and searching for something to lay eyeful prey to. Her eyes are only the beginning though when she decides to actually sleep in the night and go out in the day because you can barely see her pupils at all.

Jojo's hair is green and straitened out to a nice glistening form. Her hair goes strait down to her shoulders detailing that it is short. Her hair has naturally been cut only once. Also having been treated plenty of times with small time trims here and there. Her green hair is unnatural on many occasions by color alone. There is one tattoo on her body and it resides on her forehead which glows, there isn't anything more special about it other than the glowing, when her chakra flairs up to hostile levels. The tattoo is primarily red to begin with in the shape of a "V". (( She wears her headband around her neck much like how Hinata does in the anime. ))
Height: 4' 8"
Weight: 100 lbs
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Green
Body Type: Frail and thin
Personality: Following a twelve point code of conduct she normally can only see the result and the distance between can only be used by certain paths. The code deals with obedience and trust but also the bravery and friendly help she can give to people. She is a vineyard of not just livelihood but the release of knowledge and power as well. Personally she sees conflict as not a problem but a good criticism theory that dockets ones opinion into the massive pool of civilization. She however feels strongly about many things as such to the degree of knocking herself out time and time so she doesn't attempt murdering the agitation. One is the freeloader. This kind of person whom uses up resources and gives nothing back deserves nothing but due to her duties she is more often than not forced to reconcile with this. Second is the petty crimes that humans do to each just to make mincemeat for their next meal. She has changed many times but yes she does have some small fluke about her that can't be fixed until of late in years and experience. Some of Jojo's worst topics of discussion insist on destroying those not equipped with something they may use to defend themselves. War is never her favorite option as she despises such measures as she would merely fight to end it as soon as possible. She likes to cave, swim, hike, and kiss. That would be the oddest bit of her is that she will kiss the most random people that could be seen. Even though she swears she is strait and only likes guys she will kiss girls at random.

She has only this one persona that can not do much with aside from defend. She is the absolute defense in this. She lives to protect her fellow shinobi's lives but not to follow its standards of living most often. She is often seen as a heretic or pessimistic and at times a masochist. She is many things while living the life to protect those she can not stand to see harmed. Jojo does not appreciate harsh amounts of tone and anger with people being short to her. Short as in angry, questioning, etc. She is flawed in the aspect that she has personally hated her family and due to this has made them pay the final price. This still haunts her in her nightmares so another thing she does not like is nightmares either. One thing she will never get to accept is persons whom kill without question or motive.

She has trained more than her physical self these past few years. Her training exceeded even the highest of expectations of her own self. She has learned much and that shows her dedication to her life's goal. Her life goal being the protectionist of Kanoha. To become an "angel of the night" in a sense. With this dream she can protect anyone within her site and that is what leads her on. Now with that aside, Jojo has plotted her life's course to be what can be equivalent to a legacy. To live the legacy of those who died. Carrying more burdens upon her shoulders as they are resembled by the jade necklace around her neck. This would help her to the best of abilities within her dreams and goals. Manipulating herself to the fullest extent.
Nindo: To die for a love is a heart warming cause, more than what I need to live on.
Extra Info: (Optional)

The Shinobi
Origin: Land of Fire
Ninja Rank: Genin
Hidden Village: Kanohagakure
Clan: Hanakora
Kekkei Genkai: Hanakora (Derived of the Senju clan)
Elemental Affinity: Wood (Earth + Water)

The Background
History: Jojo’s mother is that of the Zassou clan and survived the massacre that had destroyed her people by running away. Having little experience as a ninja and very little chakra flow allowed her not to be detected. The mother would travel swiftly and quickly away from her home as the whole clan was murdered save a few people. The mother would find herself in the fire country and take up the life in the Hanakora Clan whom were fascinated by her chemical mixture. She had been able to find love there in the clan and once of age she married. After the term of pregnancy they all had their child named Jojo whom would be raised delicately, or so they hoped. The mother had brought with her different scrolls of her old home that would have otherwise had gone extinct. The mother of Jojo taught the history of their people from both the outside view and the inside view.

Jojo would have a fun life ever since being born into the assortment of clans that she was. She had studied the jutsu of the Hanakora Clan immensely without recourse. She had always been fascinated and for that reason she had taken to learning the arts specifically. Jojo had entered the academy at the age of 5 and from there she was always decidedly the awkward one whom got standard grades but also lots of retribution. She was always the one to be told she wouldn't amount to anything.

Jojo would therefore do something about it. She would become somewhat an outcast who helped people anonymously. They never realized till graduation that she was the one to help them as she ended up the top of the class with considerable ninjutsu capabilities where as there were always others who were good at other jutsu. While as a Genin she had only one team which failed a mission horribly. Everything went wrong and that included the lives of her two partners. Even though the mission had a no death rate label they were ambushed. Her two friends had died during the mission as they gave their lives for her. This moment has haunted her for years and from then on she never did have a good night sleep.

She will have trained for the past six years on mostly the flower arts as she was skilled in them especially well as the prodigy child of her many families. She would be one to discourage pampering on herself as she showed in her liking of the dirt and petals. She has tried several missions but failed all of them. In total she was horrible at missions so she now only trains with exceedingly rare talent and high morals. She has met a boy named Enko whom has left a hefty mark on her. She continuously strives to learn from him while at the same time teaching him to come out of his box. She begins to understand the concepts behind Connectionism for now. A few months later however she had a heavy concussion resulting in a memory loss of all of her past training and resulted in an exponential growth of a kind of flower jutsu that the hanakora kept secret from her. However the concussion also resulted in the failure to remember Enko and who he was. This is her story and it only gets worse from here.

Skills and Abilities
Advanced Skills: 5
Ninjutsu: 3
Genjutsu: 1
Taijutsu: 0
Kenjutsu: 0
Weapons Master: 0
Puppetry: 0
Fuuinjutsu: 0
Ijutsu: 1
Kyujutsu: 0

Unique Abilities:
Major: Flower Release
Minor: Hanakora Jutsu require 100 less words to learn (Fifty still being the absolute minimum WC)

Major: Wind Affinity
Minor: Clan Name: Ability to learn all Hanakora Jutsu.
Major: Can never learn the Fire Release
Minor: Add 100 words minimum to required word count of Earth Release Jutsu

Stats: 40
Strength: 2
Constitution: 6
Stamina: 7
Dexterity: 3
Speed: 8
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 4
Charisma: 2

Role-play Sample:(Taken from another site I am on)

Kallen Shey's body was inside the distinctive tower dedicated to the espada. Not only that but she got darn near a whole turret to herself but that wasn't the best thing. For the best thing there was, was actually inside that room that she kept her body poised and her eyes focused intently. She had been training for the past week on just this one maneuver and she was not going to let it slip up this time. Her mind settled and her body relaxed as she closed her eyes to concentrate specifically on the air around her.

There was a stillness in it as her spiritual pressure poured like a leaking fountain and her cyan aura poured out without reservation. She was the senseless demon who had elevated just that week ago into the position she had now and her mind was not going to become disastrous due to the fact, after all she was one who didn't care for the faults of those around her anymore. She used to care so much but now she didn't as her hand raised up and pointed into the void of space leading outside her window. No doubt other's would already know what she was doing if they had a thought. She was training for a stronger power and after all, when it came to being hunted everyday the alternative was always greater than none at all.

Kallen didn't stop though as this cero grew itself inside the palm of her hand. The small concentration of spiritual pressure would then seemingly erupt out of her hand. It shook her body but the spiritual pressure that came from it was so huge and immense. She relished it, loved it, craved it, and wanted more of it. It was so good and yet she knew not to covet it. The one thing that killed off an old espada was the quest for power and because of that Kallen killed her own mistress as the fraccion. None the less the blast of the cero shot in a strait line and blew through the sky with it's cero aura and brightened up the supposed night sky while hitting the walled dome hard yet leaving nothing. "Diluted by that distance it would seem." Kallen would assess and then begin to meditate once more with her hands in her lap and recollecting all that had occurred before.

Sure enough nothing was to go on inside the tour so what else was she to do? She would stand, pop her neck, and grab the chained sickle that was her zampakuto as she would walk out and down the steps of the turret tour. It was a slow and melancholy walk that deliberately stated who she was, what she was doing, and why she was leaving. All of it in just how her shoulders stood strait, her eyes gleaming forward, and not to mention that tongue that ideally flickers like a snake though there was no relation to any reptilian life in her nor of her past. She would walk and soon upon reaching the bottom she couldn't standardize her walking anymore. She ran forward with a training of her ankles and feet. Pushing each and every pebble till she burst forward and left the gates and through the doorways into the desert itself. Now she was safe from the closed in space of Hueco Mundo.

Kallen walked among the desert floor of the land known as Hueco Mundo. She personally enjoyed the free will to walk about but it did in fact have its many consequences at times. She had known her life for its own sanity was one of failure but she was happy for this new chance of life. One of the only arrancar to possess powers revolving around nature, this arrancar walked among the desert floor in an absence of her natural element. She cared about the forests of the world of the living and among those were the places of the jungle.

A living plant in some ways, a sneaky person among others. She liked the desert but preferred the jungle. Now of course if she liked to know a way to create a jungle she would some day but it was just one of the few things she knew of and how to do. She was curious as to if anyone would be coming around here or was it that she would be alone. Dressed in her normal gown and her purple hair strung up. She wouldn't mind of course due to being alone always calmed her mind but it was something that she thoroughly enjoyed of her own self awareness around her.

Being here was always a joy to her though and that would of course send the chills necessary up her spine when she recalled her first years here. She had been here for a long time and never has she lived without those memories. It was something she would always remember and something she will never live without as it would happen to keep her alive and awake for the rest of her culminating life of this time and age. She was curious as to whom she would meet if anyone and how she would converse with them. So many disappearances and so many deaths surrounded her but they were a necessity to her as the zampakuto on her left hip was wrapped well and hung neatly at her side.

With eyes standardized the area she would sigh after a small sensory for spiritual pressure. Nothing at all. It was perhaps the worst notice for her so she would just lay down on the sand, to rest and resonate within herself. Thinking of the joyful pasts she always had to her own will. Kallen would remember long and hard on the dificulties of what she was attempting to learn to the best of her abilities so long ago. The Cero, the most basic technique one may learn as a hollow, was one of an intense nature of that in itself as she just could not control all of its force as of yet. She was still only a small child of it like she was right now. Her own mind was befuddled and lightened as she kept her flashback going. Even as the wind picked up sand and spat in her face the pebbles, she only sensed the feel of this figure's spiritual pressure. There was nothing there that specified that this person was strong nor was there anything that specified that this person was weak.

For checking those things in her mind she was grateful for the necessity of the situation as to what she may be able to do with her own skills and abilities. Her mind swirled and her body lightened as she breathed. She liked the serenity of the room itself. Nothing there could hide the fact that she herself was adorned to being one of the espada. She didn't show resentment for that though, even wither the number laying right there on her left bicep she showed no resentment for it. It was covered though by the length of which her clothing established elegantly.

The white clothing of an arrancar that can be customized into any style the person wishes for and now she perfectly was able to keep that in mind. She popped her neck and flashed her mind back to when she was still trying to learn how to form a cero from her finger tips so long ago. "Put your finger out into the air in front of you Kallen. Breath in deeply and then release it all toward that brick building. Upon that let out all your air and release the last of the cero at it. There may be nothing left of it but do realize that a cero is not a game to play with," Her tutor had said and taught without motioning any signs of anger or other emotions.

By looking all over the place one could tell that there was a lot of training that had went on in that short and small space. Kallen had been there plenty of times and this wasn't the first time she performed cero here. However much like then: with a breath in, a concentration of power as she raised her left hand and focused the small dark blue ball there, and then finally a breath out: her entire cero back fired and shot through her entire arm and backwards into the building behind her where there was now a large number of debris and holes in things that there was no telling if Kallen could ever learn cero.

She screamed in pain and revolted around endlessly as she now clutched a bleeding spot where her arm used to be. It was gone and the cero was nothing compared to what other arrancar used. She was a pitiful fraccion and even with that rank, she was useless as ever. The only reason she had that rank was because all those before her were killed by her blade. She was a swords woman and that didn't help the fact that her cero was useless. While she clutched her arm something came directly out of it and reproduced as she felt an ease and calm ambiguity as she sighed and looked up at her teacher who healed the arm and discarded the husk that once was her arm.

Coming out of that flashback she looked and saw a familiar face, a hollow pet, dog in some form, looking at her as she would smile. She remembered this mutt from so many years ago as she was the one who first found it. She would smile and rub its neck and ears, like an actual dog it would lick, back, and roll-over. She would smile once more before getting up and popping her neck to go out and head back to the castle, but not until she picked up the pooch and carried him, "I'll name you Paco. How bout it?" With a yip of excitement that she took for a yes, Kallen headed back to her home, or rather her turret in Hueco Mundo's Espada Tower...

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Looks good to me Have fun and play.
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Hanakora, Jojo
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