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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Kaito's Flashback Training (Private)

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PostSubject: Kaito's Flashback Training (Private)   Thu May 10, 2012 7:15 pm

Kaito walked out into the Forest of Fire for the first time ever leaving the village. It was a calm and quite time in the countries and it was truly a time of peace. Kaito was still just an academy student during this time and did training in private to increase his skills. He did this so he could show off his skills at class the next day.

First off Kaito went to set up a few practice dummies as well as basic traps to launch small rocks and small wooden projectiles that he would need to dodge. Kaito made up three straw dummies set up in a triangle of each other about five meters from each other. Kaito continued to set things up such as little traps to launch little rocks at different times. This is so that Kaito could practice dodging as he tried to get in close range of his targets.

Kaito then spaced himself about twenty meters from his three targets; the dummies he set up a moment ago. Kaito looked on at his targets grinning as he did knowing he was fully ready for anything that was going to be coming at him. Kaito readied himself for a direct attack on his first target, which was the dummy that was directly out in the front in the triangle formation. Kaito then sprinted towards the target setting of the first set of traps he had set up launching two small rocks heading at him from two separate directions. Kaito saw the directories of the rocks and decided to do a quick rate dodge to avoid them. With the momentum of his sprint Kaito braced his front foot kicking off the ground lightly causing light amounts of dust to flare up as he did. As his body kept moving forward Kaito began to place his body in a side ways spin turning him so that his body was now parallel with the ground. Kaito continuing the spin would watch on as the rocks meet up to him flowing with his spin perfectly as he had planned it. The rocks completely just passed by him with out even touching Kaito. The rocks then moved on passed flying in opposite directions aiming to set off other traps that Kaito set up earlier. Kaito landed on the ground with the same foot he pushed off with before safe and sound still moving along with his forward motion as he did before, but now with even greater speed than before.

As the rocks went by the rocks set off the next set of traps to randomly go off depending on Kaito’s chosen actions. Kaito continued to look on now fifteen meters from his target moving at about half his top speed moving in on his targets. As he continued to move forward three other traps would be set off. Kaito now about twelve meters from his first target, two short wooden spears launched out at Kaito almost simultaneously heading at him with intense speed. Kaito had to pick things up a notch to keep up, so he would immediately stop his forward pass to deal with this situation coming at him now. The short spears would be coming right at him almost seeming as though the dummies threw them in the first place. Both spears continued at Kaito heading right for his chest looking as though if they hit it would cause some serious damage. Kaito knew he had to work fast as the two wooden spears came into range now about to make impact. Kaito immediately after his dead stop began to motion to do a backhand spring. As Kaito motioned back and made it so his back was parallel with the ground the spears would come in contact with his shirt cutting through it with ease as they moved passed him. Kaito watched on, as the two wooden spears would slice through his shirt just barely missing him. As the spears went through his shirt just passing over him Kaito was just landing his hand down on the ground bracing himself for the backhand spring. Once the spears had moved passed Kaito, he begun to finish his backhand spring flipping his body back over himself still watching as the spears continued on. Kaito continued to watch on; as he would finish flipping over now looking forward about fifteen meters from his targets once again now ready to keep moving forward.

As he finished his flip the third projectile was now on its way to meet its target. Kaito would now see from the corner of his eye a small rock about to make impact to Kaito’s face. Kaito was very quick and knew that this projectile he could do one of three things, but he had to do the most logical of all the tactics so that he could easily keep moving afterwards. Kaito continued to watch as the rock now with in range to strike him; Kaito with his intense speed immediately moved his for arm into the path of the rock blocking it with his forearm causing little damage to Kaito. This was not much of an issue for Kaito and once he felt the impact of the rock to his forearm he dashed off right for his target ready for an assault to it.

Kaito dashed forward ready for his assault on his target and as he did the two spears he dodged from before were heading right for the next trigger to set off another trap that will more than likely be heading right for Kaito. As Kaito came in range to strike his target the traps that were set off by the two spears would launch out at Kaito. Two small arrow like projectiles would launch out at Kaito just as he came into approach for an assault of his target. Each arrow coming from both sides of Kaito, the only choice Kaito had now was to completely back off from his target in order for him to remain safe. Kaito stopped in his tracks as he was finally in range of his target to finally attack it. Kaito pushed off quickly to launch himself back using his intense speed and extreme dexterous skills. Kaito launched himself back just barely evading the arrows flying passed right in front of him making him now five meters from his target instead of right in the range he needed to be.

Kaito now with what seemed to be no more obstacles in his way moved in for a quick and swift attack moving at three fourth his top speed. Kaito would move in for a sidekick to the first dummies side. As Kaito came in range for the kick he would trip another track for the dummy to immediately turn. This is so that the arm part of the dummy would come in for a hit directly at Kaito. As it did Kaito would stop his assault and instead dodge the on coming attack by bracing himself and leaping side ways. As he did his feet would slide against the ground dragging across it kicking up dirt. Kaito decided it would be best to come in for a direct assault to the dummy. Kaito moved in quickly now moving at half his top speed aiming to kick the dummy on its right side. Kaito moved at a fast rate kicking the dummy as hard as he could knocking it to the side.

By doing this Kaito set off another one of his traps launching rocks in multiple directions towards Kaito. Kaito prepared for such an event jumped back towards one of the other dummies completely evading the rocks and placing him in range for the next assault to the dummy he was closest to. Kaito Still moving at half his top speed would begin with a straight punch to the dummies chest it would seem. Then Kaito followed that attack with a kick to the dummies side making a good indent in its side. Kaito finally would follow with his final attack to this dummy leaping up with his other foot twirling in the air making a direct impact to the dummies head.

Doing that with such great momentum Kaito completely knocked off the dummies head making it land on another trap that this time Kaito was not prepared for. All the sudden several little wooden spikes launched out at Kaito and the dummy from multiple directions. Five of the spikes would impale the dummy directly in what would be its side with the other spikes flying through the air directly at him. Kaito was about to try and dodge them but with out the proper energy needed to dodge any more Kaito knew he could only block them. So as the first spike came into range Kaito would do an upward thrust with his palm to hit the spike out of the way positioning his body so that two of the other spikes would just fly on by leaving Kaito with just two more spikes coming at him. Kaito had to act fast so using his other arm he would block the next incoming spike by hitting it in mid air with his elbow deflecting it away from his own body. The last spike Kaito would unfortunately not have time to dodge, deflect or block it. The spike would head right at the arm he just used to block one of the spikes, the spike would impale right into it causing some major damage making his arm almost useless.

Kaito knew he needed to end this training section quick but he didn’t want to end it with one of his preset dummies left standing. Kaito moved in at his top speed setting off multiple traps as he did having rocks, spikes, spears, and arrow like projectiles flying through the air. Kaito now moving at his top speed instead of just dodging or blocking these he would literally move so fast that the projectiles were not fast enough to actually strike him at all. Kaito would fly past all of the projectiles now in perfect range to begin his assault on to his last dummy, which he saw as his last and final target.

Kaito would swiftly move at full speed aiming to make multiple strikes to the abdomen area. First punch went right into what would be on a normal person the solar plexus, which in most people would render them momentarily enable to move properly. The next strike would be with his other fist aiming for the chest to cause extra damage and possibly through a normal person off balance. Finally the third strike would be at the dummies head right on the temple of a normal person. All these attacks would normally render a target enable to fight back for a moment. So Kaito would go in for his final move. Kaito would leap up into the air spinning mid air using his momentum to increase the lethality of his next attack. His final assault would be his finishing blow aiming to kick the dummy right where the dummies arm and head would meet up. This spot would be the collarbone on a normal person and Kaito was looking to shatter it. Kaito made direct impact into this spot and tore right into the dummy as if it were made of just paper. Kaito spun off after the impact landing back down on his feet bracing himself with his hand to keep him from falling over.

All the sudden Kaito felt a striking pain through his entire arm from being injured from before by the spike. As he braced himself with it, his arm would give in making him fall to the ground. Even though injured and on the ground Kaito had a big grin on his face. Kaito knew that he did it and he improved even further in his abilities and pushed himself to his very limits. Kaito would lay there content for a while knowing to himself he did well and need to rest. As he would lay their Kaito would pass on out from exhaustion from the training so hard finally letting himself rest up for another day of training later on.

[Word Count: 2045]
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PostSubject: Re: Kaito's Flashback Training (Private)   Wed May 16, 2012 9:03 pm

Okay your flash back training has been approved.
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Kaito's Flashback Training (Private)
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