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A Naruto Roleplaying Game. This RPG is based on the actual Naruto Series, but several generations in the future when the Original Characters are mere Legends.
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 Kaito's Place (Closed)

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Kaito's Place (Closed) Empty
PostSubject: Kaito's Place (Closed)   Kaito's Place (Closed) EmptyMon May 07, 2012 1:03 pm

Kaito would swing his arm to the side of his bed with a limp, yet forceful swing into his alarm knocking it over and off his bed side table. The loud crash of the alarm hitting the ground would immediately wake Kaito out of his peaceful slumber. The sun shinning in from his window shining directly into his eyes as he sat up would make him realize that it was later than he was planning to get up.
Kaito would jump hectically out of bed grabbing his clock off the ground seeing now that he sleep through three of his alarms he had set and was late for his morning training session as well as breakfast. Kaito would quickly place his alarm back down on his bed side table and rush over to his closet on the other side of his bed.
Kaito would jump over his bed placing one arm fully extended palm down on to the bed as support going straight over his bed perfectly. Kaito would land on the ground on the other side of his bed with a slight wobble from just waking up and still not being fully awake.
Kaito would reach into his closet skimming through his clothes grabbing out a pair of black clothe pants, a black clothe sleeveless shirt, and finally a black heavy set clothe jacket. Kaito would place all of his clothes on to his bed getting ready to put his clothes on and head right out the door for the day.
Kaito would quickly get his pants on stumbling a little as he put them on one leg at a time and next he would quickly put on his sleeveless shirt making sure to tuck in so it wouldn't fling about out under his jacket. Finally Kaito would slip his jacket on quickly throwing his am out as he put it on as if he was in some kind of dramatic scene. Once on Kaito would immediately rush around his bed heading over to the door.
Kaito would reach out grabbing the door knob as he rush up to the door opening it and as he did he looked down noticing he had completely forgot to put his shoes on. Kaito would then leave the door slightly open rushing over to the end of his bed to grab his shoes and socks. Kaito would then plop down on the end of his bed sitting his shoes on the bed and start to slip his socks on. Kaito quickly gets his socks on his feet then immediately slipping his shoes on which were actually well fitted boots. Kaito was a bit different then most shinobi preferring boots over sandals most of the time.
Once Kaito's boots were on he would immediately rush back to the door swinging it open, but keeping it from slamming into his book shelf next to it. Kaito would then walk right out of his room out into the hallway of his apartment complex ready to get going.
Kaito would close his door behind him locking the door making sure it was locked so he knew no one would come in while he was out. Kaito would then rush down the stairs right next to his room and would walk straight out the exit to Konohagakure streets.

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Kaito's Place (Closed)
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